Its Monday 4th August and charity starts young

I hope you enjoyed the weekend and are all set for another Monday. This week I thought that it would be lovely to catch up with whats been going on at Mkulumadzi Lodge so over to Alex and Karien








“Last week, Mkulumadzi had a special family come to visit. The Crabbe family from Belgium arrived at the lodge with a great announcement – their youngest son Berend, who is only 8 years old, had collected money and wanted to donate this to African Parks, who manage the Majete Wildlife Reserve. His parents, Arnaud & Liesbet, in their personal capacity have been donating to the African Parks organization for the last few years and this inspired young Berend to do something himself. As an avid lover of animals from a very young age and after having been to several nature reserves already, he decided to participate in an annual Belgian Radio Station charity event that promotes fund raising. Berend advertised his cause and collected over $200 dollars. This was part of the inspiration to visit Mkulumadzi.

The lodge arranged for him to meet up with the African Parks Community Officer , hand over the money and see first hand for himself how the funds would benefit the local community. The 8 year old intends on fund raising again this year to be able to support animal conservation, as even he at such a young age, realises how important it is to protect the precious wildlife that Africa has to show the world.

In other news, Mkulumadzi has had some great game viewing in the past few weeks!

First off there has been a great deal of lion activitiy. Some of our guests spotted lions on a kill which was absolutely thrilling for them. The following week the African Parks scout watched Shire the lioness and her cubs take down a rather large female sable. Its been two years since the lions were reintroduced into Majete Wildlife Reserve and with World Lion Day coming up, its great to see so much lion activity.








One of the female leopards has also been spotted twice by our guests, just outside our concession although no sign of her cubs.


The warthog population is thriving at the moment despite the presence of our big cats and are scattered throughout the park. The piglets are particularly amusing to watch.








A 200 strong herd of buffalo has been hanging around our concession, stopping to pose for pictures much to the delight of our guests!








Elephants continue to frequent the lodge area particularly at lunchtime when they can be seen coming down for a drink across the river.








The cherry on the cake however has got to be the recent rhino sighting. Four of our guests got to spend two awesome hours alone with a young female rhino at Nsepete Waterhole, where she was happily drinking, walking around, sunning herself.”

Thanks Alex and Karien for filling us in on whats been happening your end! I cannot believe its already been two years since the lions came to Majete! Time sure does fliy.

On that nore I shall leave you to the rest of your Monday. Catch up with you next week



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