Its Monday 1st September 2014 and Luangwa Bush Camping.

So another glorious weekend behind us and an equally fabulous week ahead I hope. Here we are somewhat aghast at the speed with which the water is disappearing from the river and also similarly ranting about how the temperatures are on the rise – the nights of the duvets will very soon be over!

Anyway enough of that, I thought I would tell you a couple of tales from Luangwa Bush Camping this week as I suddenly realized that I don’t think that I have ever really dedicated an its Monday to this really wonderful experience – so here goes…

For any of you who do not know what Bush Camping is, it is effectively a mini mobile safari which is situated between Tena and Nsefu. Our guests walk between the two camps with a night or two camping in the bush. Now when I say camping, it is not what most of us remember as children with small dome tents skirmishing around trying to find our socks in the morning and if you are lucky enough, a can of baked beans to put on the fire to heat up! It is somewhat a more sophisticated version with large walk in tents, tables and chairs set under thick shade as the dinning room and a cooler box filled with ice cold drinks and a chef on hand.


















Kanga is our guide there and having guided in the Nsefu sector for years he knows it like the back of his hand. Since the beginning of last year he has lead our Bush Camping safaris and it has to be said, he and his team of 5 very merry warriors do a fantastic job. This season they really have had some wonderful sightings but one particular safari stood out more than others and it was just a couple of weeks ago.








Leaving from camp in the afternoon after a lovely siesta and heading towards the Stork Colony, Kanga spotted some vultures going down so took the sign and went to have a look at what was going on. Now remember also that all of this is on foot, which kind of multiplies the effect by – well a lot! They first saw a Hyena feeding on a puku, carefully and quietly repositioning themselves to get a better view they saw the leopard that had killed the puku. Both Leopard and Hyena had obviously fought over the kill and had both managed to get their portion and were eating simultaneously.









As if that was not enough, the following morning the same guests headed out of camp nice and early and saw yet more vultures. After the previous afternoon’s bonanza Kanga was not going to let this opportunity slide, so he walked towards where they were sitting in the trees and this time came across a hippo which had been killed during the night by lions and they were all there tucking into their breakfast. When I say all, I mean all – 2 big male lions, 8 females and 6 cubs – all enjoying a Luangwa breakfast.


Wow – amazing. I mean how can we top that… so I am not going to try. I am going to leave all of this week’s glory to Kanga and his team because they really deserve it as they all do an outstanding job.

So from a warm, dry and dusty Luangwa I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell. Have fun, enjoy yourselves and don’t stop smiling.














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