Its Monday 22 September 2014 and claws, roars and lots of dust

Another Monday is upon us and another bout of information and story telling from the Luangwa which will make you all supremely jealous I am sure. So if you don’t want to sneak off into a daze of wishing you were here I would suggest that you file this e-mail away and read it later – or you could just read it, find yourself wishing you were here and then find yourself calling your tour operator!!

So in true British style I am going to begin proceedings with a little note on the weather, as lets face it any change from sunny and hot is definitely noteworthy and also it does have relevance! We have in fact strangely enough for beginning of September had some slightly cloudy and over cast days which has dramatically brought the temperatures down but at the same time has given opportunity for the guides to stay out and really take full advantage of what has been going on in the park.

This year I believe more than any other we have been fortunate enough to have some quite regular sightings of wild dogs throughout the dry season. Which is super and in fact never before have these sightings been so regular. This week the dogs were seen taking in some shade on the dried up Mushilashi riverbed before they decided that it was time to go hunting and then trotted off into the middle distance. There has also been a wonderful sighting of a new pack with some young pups, which is excellent news for the dogs in the Luangwa as they really seem to be settling down.


As for Obi, well he pulled out all the stops for his latest Robin’s House guests and at the same time dropped them off at the Tena river crossing feeling rather smug at the incredibly high bar that he had set for the Tena Tena team to follow! On their way up to the River Crossing they came around a corner onto a lovely big herd of buffalo – now we all know what that means – Lion feast. And sure as sure can be there were the lions, the pride that we know as big pride, all hunkered down and in full concentration mode. The ladies peeled off and started to stalk their prey, the youngsters sitting calmly in the shadows. Then the energy was unleashed and chaos ensued with the youngsters getting caught up with the excitement of it all and being chased by the buffalo. Thankfully the ladies had everything under control and Obi was perfectly positioned to see everything unfold.


At this point I shall stop typing and let these amazing pictures speak for themselves. Before I do this though, I would like to thank the Schreyers for sharing these wonderful photos with us all.


































Wow – need I say more….












So for this week I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell. Have fun, laugh lots and look after each other.





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