Its Monday 29 September 2014 and the cunning pincer movement

Are you all sitting comfortably and ready for another onslaught of Luangwa news?  So what has been happening this week? Its been pretty busy across the board to be honest with you, in addition to the amazing game viewing out on drives in camp it really rather seems like the animals are ganging up on us at the moment. This has made moving around camp somewhat – umm – curious!!

Let us start with Nsefu and work our way down.  The first challenge came when guests were trying to get to the bar but there were a couple of leopards which decided to take a stroll through the car park, which meant that the pouring of a nice cool gin and tonic was delayed.   The visit was however fleeting and it wasn’t long before the bar was in full swing doing exactly what it should have been.


As if that wasn’t enough, there was a major role reversal and everyone was at the bar – which in itself is a relief. Then lunch was ready but there was no way anyone was going to be getting to the dinning room as the elephants had literally plonked themselves in the middle of camp and were very busy and happy munching on whatever tit bits they could find, with no sense of pressure at all.   Fortunately it is rather warm here at the moment, so that plus the fact that most of our lunches are salad based, it wasn’t too much of a disaster. However the waiters were standing guarding the food against any renegade squirrels desperately hoping that the elephants weren’t going to join the raid.








Moving down to Tena… a few nights ago the guests had to be driven to their rooms because the elephants had scattered themselves rather successfully throughout camp making it impossible to get anywhere. You see, I always knew that there was a mighty good reason for us having made out paths nice and wide as they comfortably fit a Land Cruiser.  So after a lovely dinner and  a couple of drinks, the guests were excitedly escorted back to their rooms. During this time Florence (I don’t know if anyone has noticed but it would appear that she is the common denominator in all of these camp based animal issues) was in the bar just quietly packing everything up, when low and behold a young elephant wandered in. The elephant put nose to the canvas using the concept of “I cant see you, you cant see me”, she stood quietly waiting to be rescued by Julius – that moment’s knight in shining armor.  We have also since had an excellent excuse for our junior staff to be slightly late in arriving to work in the morning after lions killed a buffalo just between their rooms and the guides rooms.  The following morning some slightly sleepy looking people materialized peering nervously around the corner to ensure that the coast was clear – which it was and they made the dash to the kitchen.


Then last but not least Nkwali had the most extraordinary day the other day when the 2 lionesses and the 3 now quite big cubs, which I have spoken to you about quite a lot, decided to walk straight through the enclosed area where the carpenter, tailor and storesman were and straight through camp.  Meanwhile 2 big males wandered straight through the Zambian Carnivore offices, meaning that we were literally surrounded by lions unable to go anywhere. Young John who was at my house nervously dashed outside, bundled up the kittens and brought them in closing the door just before the lion walked down the drive and sat down – fortunately not licking its lips….  We have also had an onslaught of elephants around camp but primarily at the workshop as there is the most lovely Fig tree and it is absolutely laden with fruit, which as far as elephants are concerned is like the mother of all jackpots.  It is quite extraordinary to see them all no more than 2 meters away from the workshop with all the noise and the guys walking around completely unfazed by it all and just happily munching away.









So as you can see we have certainly all had to keep our wits about us this last week as we negotiate the wildlife through camp, but it’s a wonderful thing and we are very lucky indeed so you will hear no complaints from me.

Rightyho, on that note I am going to dash off as I am sure that I have kept you all long enough.  Hope that you all have a fabulous week lots of fun and laughter and take care of yourselves and each other.







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