It’s Monday 9th September 2014 and a new resident at Stanley Safari Lodge

I hope you are all in fine fettle this glorious Monday? So what news from Robin Pope Safaris… Well, we could start with the fact that I have had an elephant camped outside my office for the last couple of hours which has ensured that I got all of my filing and paperwork done! We could also mention that a couple of nights ago guests spent a glorious 15 minutes bobbing around in the boat waiting for a large male lion to remove himself from the steps at the harbor!

What can I say, just regular days here in the Luangwa!

However I thought that this week lets hear a little bit of news from Stanley Safari Lodge in Livingstone, as it has been a while and it would appear that the wildlife has come to town!


Winston apparently is his name and he is a very majestic barn owl….. maybe a little lost. He initially took up residence in the bar but didn’t stay there for long which everyone was rather happy about because lets just say it was a little inconvenient in terms of mess! And now he has popped himself in a terribly lovely tree just above the path to the main entrance where he can sit and watch all the comings and goings of camp! Lets hope he sticks around as he is particularly beautiful and maybe will have a friend join him soon. I also must just at this point let you all know that I don’t know whether Winston is a he or a she but we are going with he for now!
























Other than Winston, the guests have been very busy with all the activities including jumping off perfectly good bridges, which is something I struggle to get my head around and find this photo utterly terrifying. Swimming in Devils Pool, which is quite something as you jump into the deep natural pool right at the lip of the falls and can lie there with the water gushing over you as you peer over the edge. Further to these water based activities, as of the week beginning 7th September the white water rafting has opened right from the beginning at Rapid No 1. When the water is too high it is not possible to start too close to the Falls. And even more exciting news is that youcan now swim under the Falls – now this is news to me and I am quite excited about it. There are some rock pools at the base of the Falls and when the water levels drop to and beyond a certain point it is perfectly safe to get to the pools and go for a dip with the water cascading down around you. Now that must be quite an incredible experience.












Other activities which have been a real hit with the guests were walking safaris and seeing the rhinos which given their size, strength and fragile existence is a very memorable and special experience. Whilst Stanleys is based at the Falls and not in the South Luangwa, with the obvious exception of Winston, our guests do still get treated to waking up in the morning to the sound of lions calling as the deep below reverberates around the hills from the game park nearby.







Let us also not forget the far more docile and completely up my street type of activity, which involves enjoying a lovely sunset from camp with the Falls in the back ground.

So there we have it, a quick round up from Stanleys with a mixture of calm, adrenaline and wildlife for you. On that note I shall sneak off and get on with the day ahead. Hope that you all have a fab week, take care and have fun.







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