It’s Monday 27th October 2014 and a cat filled weekend.

Hello everyone, how are you all? Here we have had our first rain!! So we are super excited about that and lets see what happens over the next few days, whether this was the beginning of the rains or it was just a tease! What it has meant though, is that we are seeing signs of the beginning of the green season cropping up with lots of baby warthogs that dash around the place with far too much energy, and we are now waiting for the baby impalas to start springing up all over the place. It really is a lovely time of the year as long as you don’t mind the heat and now the slightly raised humidity.









Speaking of small things with way too much energy, we have just had Simon, Shanie and Kim (you may remember her as author of Its Monday from years gone by) who were here with their girls. The girls are not deterred by much and even in the midday heat run around with an abundance of energy. But during the times when they were confined to a game viewer they went out into the park and really had some incredible sightings. Proceedings got started off with 4 leopards together – I mean a veritable leap! There was an impala, which one of them had killed and then ironically the smaller of the bunch dragged it up a tree into the thinnest branches where the larger male was just not going to be able to reach. I mean that is a cunning plan if ever there was one.
















The river and lagoons are drying up very quickly now which has meant a multitude of beautiful sightings in front of the camps on the dry river bed, coming down to drink and occasionally make the most of the tender green shoots from where the water has receded. Giraffes and elephants just never seem to fail us, but also some lovely ground hornbills as well which are always a treat with their bright red faces and low bellowing call.








The lagoons drying up cause another problem to some of the bigger game and we have had a few sad moments with buffalo choosing to find what little water they can from a lagoon but just getting stuck in the mud. It is always heartbreaking to see an animal stuck but sadly that is nature and with their life ending another is spurred on and by that I mean lions. This particular pride got very muddy and very full when they gorged themselves on the misfortune of another. I have to say the one particular youngster looks a little less than impressed about the mud situation; however I am sure that was all very quickly rectified!




We had a flurry of rain earlier on this week which as usual took us all by surprise, and even though we know that we are going to get rain every year guaranteed that it causes chaos. Hannah up at Nsefu hadn’t been given the good news by Braston that her room wasn’t 100% waterproof and discovered it the hard way. Whilst lying in bed rain drops started bouncing off her forehead. Tena Tena fared pretty well all things considered and down at River Camp and Nkwali asides from a few soggy cushions we are now all ready and waiting for the next storm. That being said, ideally it would be nice for it to hold off just a little longer as we do still have a few weeks left of the season. So now we are all waiting for the fresh leaves on the Mopane trees, the cicadas to come out in full force and the frogs to start singing signaling more ‘weather’ to come.

So, on that stormy note, I am going to leave my recounting for another week. Bid you all a very fond farewell and wish you a lovely week with friends, family, laughter and happiness.








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