Its Monday 6th October 2014 and Ma-Jetty

Hi all. I hope that everyone is well, happy and rested after the weekend.  Here in the Luangwa the days continue to be sunny with the lions keeping us company at night with their gentle bellows.  The baboons however, are slightly less enjoyable as they bark furiously at our friendly Nkwali leopard that seems to walk around our house to irritate the baboons. This all  irritates me as I lie in bed, being kept awake without ever seeing the leopard!

Other than that, everything continues in full swing but this week we are not going to hear from me and the Luangwa but from Alex at Mkulumadzi.  Alex over to you:








“Winter has now definitely packed its bags and left the sunshine to come and play at Mkulumadzi.  Most of the non evergreens have shed their leaves making for some really excellent game viewing. The elephants’ morning drink and splash around have definitely become a highlight on the morning boat cruise.  As always, there are some new arrivals, some staying for a weekend and some forever.  Tay Grin, a well know Malawian music artist, came to spend a weekend of relaxation with some friends at the lodge.  Since he is preparing to be one of the head-lining acts at this year’s Lake of Stars Festival, he came down to Mkulumadzi for a much needed break. Taking in the morning activities and spending his afternoon in the pool, keeping the hippos in the adjacent river pond company.  The group felt so inspired, they even left a few verses in our guest comments book.









An arrivals that intend to stay forever (at least we hope so), is the new jetty we are building at our boat cruise launch site.  The jetty will be a welcome relief to those days when the water levels are so low that our guides have to get their boots off and push the boat out through the mud.  The jetty will be completed this week and we anticipate an inaugural launch over this next weekend.  This project is another great example of co-operation between Mkulumadzi lodge and African Parks. Both parties were responsible for putting the materials together and building the jetty to make the guests’ experience more complete, especially with the rainy season just around the corner.

And on a final and wildlife note, all our guests were treated to a fantastic  viewing yesterday afternoon.  Just before sundowners, the 2 vehicles spotted Shire hunting a warthog, then witnessed the successful kill. They then followed her fetching the other 4 lions and bring them back to the kill, and start eating. Immediately after sundowners, they all spotted a leopard walking down one of the loops. Needless to say, last night was a very merry night, which just made it more festive with our braai night and Buzz the resident bushbaby coming down for a visit!”


Thanks Alex. Sounds like it is all go down at Mkulumadzi.

So for this week I shall bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a good one with lots of merriment.




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