Its Monday 10th November 2014 and the little ones!

Well hello there and hope you are all well, had a smashing weekend and enjoying some much cooler weather than the scorching Luangwa Valley!!  That being said and pushing the heat aside it really is an incredible time of the year with just so much going on.

We still haven’t had any rain although the rest of Zambia seems to bet getting some and we have had some lovely cloud build up and some distant rumblings of thunder so hopefully it is on its way.  That being said with all of the teasing of Mother Nature everything is gearing up to the rains arriving.  The mopane trees have burst into their new flush – one asks how they find the energy to produce some beautiful almost fluorescent green leaves is beyond me but they do and almost overnight they transform the thinned out brown and dusty bush into a precursor to forthcoming attractions.

The leaves and trees however beautiful they might be are not the primary subject for my its Monday this week and really what I wanted to talk about is all the small gushingly cute little ones…..

As amazing as nature is a lot of the animals actually have their young this time of the year in readiness for the rains when there is plenty of food ( I am talking about the herbivores here by the way) so we have got all sorts of beautiful little bundles running around.  The warthogs have got lots and lots of little Piglets or Wiglets running around after them – tails straight up in the air and desperate to keep up with mum and dad navigating the what to them are mountainous bumps in the black cotton soil.








The impala are dropping their young and we were lucky enough to see one just moments after being born just outside of Nkwali the other day, still slightly damp there it was standing up on its spindly little legs all wobbly and within a couple of minutes was running – albeit rather precariously – after mum.  I mean seriously impressive stuff can you imagine up and running and controlling those long lanky legs within a couple of minutes of being born.







We also had an amazing sighting of a little elephant still pink behind its ears so probably only hours old – looking like it was wearing pyjamas as its skin was all still a bit baggy.  Trundling after mum with trunk kind of swaying around infront of it and taking exaggerated foot steps navigating the uneven ground.  Slightly more grown up but a true show of maternal instinct we were driving across the sand to cross the river in front of Luangwa River Camp and we saw this female elephant on top of the bank walking with real purpose.  Then we saw why – the youngsters were down in the river bed – pandemonium broke out – what to do!!!  So as we sat quietly in the boiling midday sun waiting for them to sort things out mum just did the only thing she could think of and that was get down the bank in whatever way possible to show the youngsters the easy way up.  It was not glamorous but boy it was effective taking a leap of faith she stepped of a near vertical part of the bank legs completely splayed in every which way that they would go and just well graded the bank with her belly reaching the river bed and her little ones all safe and sound.


So there we have it stories of the cute and cuddly little ones for this week.  So on that note I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell, have fun, look after each other and don’t forget to smile and laugh lots.




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