Its Monday 17th November 2014 and full fat and sleepy!

Well hello everyone so how are you all? Hope that you have all had a glorious weekend and that those of you in the UK and the States are enjoying some cold weather. Here, well I have one thing to say – we still haven’t had any rain!! I mean where is it? I have become addicted to my thermometer checking to see just how hot it is and then subsequently spend copious amounts of time complaining about the heat and then looking up to the skies to find out what is going on. On the up side though we do still have 2 days of Nsefu being open so realistically it is a good thing that the weather has held off.

So now on to the wildlife side of things – well we have just started Carnivore Week so our guests are treated to talks by the researchers from ZCP as well as game drives with them and their tracking equipment and on the very first game drive they found wild dog – so hurrah and very exciting news indeed. However given that Carnivore Week has only just started I am not going to continue along that chat but I am however going to discuss lions with you all.

Amazingly we can go through the season seeing very few lions (I am talking here about Rob and I as we don’t manage many game drives), however the last 3 weeks we have been seeing them left right and centre. Each time they have pretty much being doing what lions do best – sleeping.








First off two lovely male lions, faces caked in blood having just gorged themselves on a hippo. Now let me tell you, these guys were so full that there really was no comfortable position for them to get into and they were just sitting there panting, attempting to digest and get comfortable. Their tummies were like great big round drums. I don’t think that it would have been physically possible for them to fit anything more in there.

Secondly group of 4 females having just made the most of an unfortunate situation of 5 buffalo stuck in the mud. The girls got stuck in there and whilst most of them retained a certain amount of dignity with dealing with the heat, fur and digestion process, one of the girls just let it all hang out and just did whatever she could to get comfortable. This included her lying there tongue lolling out of her mouth without a care in the world.


Despite the heat the lions have still been getting in some action. We had lions chasing down buffalo up at Nsefu but kind of getting a bit hot and giving up. However the big pride down by the main gate aren’t so easily defeated and successfully killed yet another buffalo and literally the entire animal was gone within a couple of hours!


So I think that is all I am going to talk you about on the lion front for this week and I am going to leave you with one of my very favourite animals – elephants – as we sat and watched this youngster very seriously and with 100% concentration, scooping up some dust with his foot and then spraying it all over himself. Whilst he didn’t manage to scoop up as much as the adults he gave it a good old go and was pretty chuffed with his achievement and sauntered off with a slight swagger.








So on that jolly little note I am going to bid you all another fond farewell for this week as we embark on getting Nsefu closed for another season. So have fun, take care, laugh lots and look after each other.






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