Its Monday 3rd November 2014 and gloves off…

Well hello there everyone. I hope that you are all well and enjoying the start to another glorious week and that you are all sitting comfortably for more stories from the Luangwa. Valley life is heating up but also, and I have to say this, crumbs where has the season gone? I mean we are already closing up Tena Tena for the season. Our last guests left on Saturday and we are heading up there first thing this morning to check on the packing process – it all feels a little sad.

But moving on to happier stories:

We have had some regular guests Jean Claude and Isabelle come through staying at Nkwali, Luangwa River Camp and at Tena and none of the camps failed to perform on the game sightings!!! And as it turns out, every guide in each camp managed to pull out an incredible sighting so no one was left out!!

At Nkwali they were guided by Kiki and were treated to a full lion hunt and kill. At this point I am also going to mention that this was the first time in many many years of guiding that Kiki has in fact seen an entire hunt from start to finish, so I am not sure who was most excited about the event!


From Luangwa River Camp, Yona was taking them out and refused to be shown up by his uncle (Kiki). He managed to find wild dogs with a kill and then as if to top it off, whilst they sat there and watched events unfolding one of the pups got a little too possessive over the kill and started to try to scare off the adults! I mean talk about having no concept of where you stand in Wild Dog society.


Obi who temporarily got lost and found his way up to Tena for a couple of weeks of guiding, took over there and witnessed a quite spectacular hippo fight. Something which people have spent days and months trying to capture on film and they managed on one game drive!



Well, what a safari. What is also quite entertaining is that all of the guides are particularly smug about what they have seen! So asides from that and the slight rain that we received and a temporary lull in wildlife for 24 hours – don’t ask why, but when we get the first rain all the animals just seem to disappear for 24 hours! But – phew – they are all back and showing off for the cameras and we have had some very busy few days both in and out of the park. Recent guests at Luangwa House decided to not go on a game drive because of the sheer amount of wildlife just visiting the lagoon in front of the house. BJ, our stores man, spent an entire day trapped in his storeroom because of the elephants. A couple of days ago I was taking a little stroll and wandered up to the river bank looked down and looked onto the backs of a herd of 16 elephants who thankfully didn’t see me, so I tried to sneak away through some very crunchy fallen leaves.









As you can see the fun and games never end. But for this week sadly the stories will as I put on my suncream and my hat ready to hit the road and get going up to Tena. So I hope that you all have a fabulous week with lots of laughs and joy. Take care of yourselves and each other.






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