Its Monday 15th December 2014 and an all day drive.

Well happy Monday! I hope you are all sitting comfortably and have had a wonderful weekend. Dare I ask, are we all starting to get ready for Christmas? I must admit the carols went on, as I started to go through some of my Christmas bits and pieces for camp, a couple of days ago. Although I was rather hot whilst doing so listening to snowy, wintery Christmas songs certainly got me in the mood. Oh dear, I fear for a large digression – let me pull myself back on track and lets focus on some incredible photographs and lovely text from Ian and Jayne MacKenzie who spent some time with us at Luangwa River Camp. So for this week over to Ian and Jayne:

“If you are planning a visit to South Luangwa, have you considered spending the entire day out on a drive? Ask your guide nicely and try a dawn to dusk drive because you won’t regret it.
Here’s some good reasons why:
Your chances of seeing that special moment in the bush are so much greater ….. and therefore, of course, so is the likelihood of that great picture you always wanted to take.
You get to eat the most exotic picnic of your life, guarded by an armed scout scanning the surroundings for beasties wanting to eat you for lunch.
More time in front of the wildlife – there’s no need to rush past those special things that you can learn so much from if you are patient. You learn more from your wonderful guide about the animals, the behaviour, the plants, the country and the culture. Did you know hippo poo mixed with warm water is good for constipation?
Pack well, it will be cold in the morning so a fleece and porridge for breakfast will help. In the middle of the day it can get a bit warm so sunblock, water, lip salve and a hat are essential – although even overcast days won’t stop the photo opportunities.2Early evening and nightfall can be cooler and buggier so fleece and insect block are a good idea and, if you can, get a red filter or plastic cover for your torch so you can watch the animals without disturbing them once it goes dark.
For the photographer, the first and last hours of the day provide wonderful warm light without harsh shadows so forget the sundowner – you can have a G&T anytime! 34








In the middle of the day, a polarising filter really helps kill the glare and bring back some colour to your pictures and make sure you protect your cameras and lenses from the omnipresent dust with a cover.1
Lastly, you’ll sleep like a baby that night.
Try it, I promise you’ll like it!!!”
Thank you Ian – you see now I am jealous, plus the photos are INCREDIBLE…. Thanks so much for sharing part of your trip with us Ian and Jayne, it is wonderful to hear and I am sure also a welcome relief to all you readers out there from my weekly chatter. That being said I should really fill you in on some other little Luangwa tit bits but I am afraid I am not going to try to compete with the above. On that note I shall bid you all a very fond farewell. Have a fabulous week, laugh lots and most importantly have fun




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