Its Monday 29th December 2014 and Merry Christmas

Its Monday and Its Christmas

Well hello there everyone and hohoho!! I hope that everyone has had the most wonderful Christmas relaxing, feasting and enjoying spending time with friends and family. So guess what is on the cards for our chat this week… Yes the festivities in the Luangwa.

Where to start – well Christmas Eve is really when it all began; in the morning we dashed around putting up Christmas trees and getting decorations up. We have a slight problem at Nkwali as the baboons adore Christmas decorations and generally try to swing around the Christmas tree. A waiter was put on tree duty and was stationed at the bar throughout the day; and in fact continues to be until I take the decorations down tomorrow.











The big thing about Christmas Eve is the carols! For the last few weeks people from the various camps in the Luangwa have been getting together to practice and they did the most wonderful job. They proudly clad their new carol t-shirts, although somewhat confused about the picture of the funny dog on the front! But asides from that, all the tables were set up and looked wonderful, we also had some fab snacks on the go. The guests arrived, most of them had seen Wild Dogs on their quick evening drive. They proceeded to do a sterling job of singing some carols to get us all into the spirit of it.











Christmas day brought a wonderful sighting at breakfast as 5 lions crossed the river in front of camp, which is a pretty good way to start any day let alone Christmas day! However not to be weak, all of our guests woke up super early ready to hit the game drives. Meanwhile the chefs and I were feverishly working away in the kitchen stuffing turkeys, chopping carrots and beating our brandy butter.


So whilst we were all busy getting things ready the guests saw some amazing sightings. With lion killing a puku, leopard languishing in a tree, a journey of some 18 giraffes looking down at them with their superior gaze, lots and lots of elephants and a big herd of buffalo.

Daudi was in camp monitoring proceedings and was fully ready for the game drives to come back supporting his Christmas hat despite the heat. The skies threatened and we were all slightly worried that the turkey might get a little soggy on the way to the table but the rain skirted around us and everything went off without a hitch.











The mince pies were out for pudding and then as if the three-course lunch was not enough the Christmas cakes were wheeled out for afternoon tea.


Then in true Christmas day fashion the leftovers came out for dinner and the guests retired gracefully only to hear the distant noise of the lions which had crossed the river in the morning taking advantage of the cloudy lightless night skies and killed a young hippo just downstream from Nkwali and on Boxing day joined in with the general feast!

So as you can see there has been no shortage for anyone this Christmas. Now on that note I am going to leave you all to it and wish you all a very very happy New Year and all the best for 2015 and I will chat to you all next year.

Have a good one, laugh lots and have fun!




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