Its Monday 19th January 2015 and a quick round up from everywhere!

Well hello everyone, so how are you all?  Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful weekend and embarked on this Monday with the usual panache and gusto to be expected.  This week I am going to feed you tidbits from as many different places as possible to give you a good idea of what we are up to…

So where to start… well lets start here in the office – where I found a skink with a forked tail!!  Everyone was dragged from their desks to come and have a look at it but after all the commotion the poor thing had scampered away and no one believed me. Thankfully later on Kiki and Rob were sitting having a meeting and the skink joined them so I was proved right; which was a bit of a relief as to be seeing double first thing in the morning is not good news.

But out of the office and onto Nkwali – we had the most glorious morning a couple of days ago.  Sadly I didn’t have my camera with me but I am snapped a quick photo with my phone to give you all an idea.  We woke up and there was this incredible mist that had settled throughout the valley. As it lifted it was almost like it was unveiling some kind of make believe land.  The river was full and the trees on the opposite side loomed up like ghosts out of the mist.  As the sun started to fight its way through, it hit the grass which was laden with dew and it looked like the Pukus were sitting in a sea of silver – it really was magical.  Then out of the mist came this gruff growl and the monkeys started to chatter and alarm, then the growl, more chatter more growls then a hyena.  We went over to investigate to find lion and hyena fighting over a kill – we couldn’t quite depict what it was and to be honest with you just the noises emitting from the mist was enough to satisfy.


At Nkwali we have had a couple of quiet days so have made the most of it and started to do some serious renovations on room 1 and 2. No major changes for anyone who might be about to panic, just a really good upgrade in terms of the floors, walls and the little bits and pieces.  It’s always exciting when we start these little projects as it is important to keep moving and making tweaks and improvements.

Luangwa River Camp – the team went in on Friday and Polly arrived back on Saturday and they are pedal to the metal to get everything open and spick and span ready for their first guests this week.  And at the same time, Braston has wended his merry way up river to get going with opening up Nsefu for River Journeys. So as you can see this week is rather busy.








Hopping across the border and a quick visit to Pumulani, we have our new management team in – Charl and Dominique. And talk about being thrown in at the deep end; their first challenge is to go and collect the new dhow which is being built as we speak. Then once they get it to the lodge the next challenge is making an enormous sail for it – good luck and keep us posted.


I suppose at this point I should give you a little animal snippet just to whet your appetites, and what better way than Wild Dogs.  Kiki was out in the park and spotted the big pack of 18 dogs which everyone was super excited. Not only did they see them on the morning drive but the afternoon drive as well.  In the morning they were mostly just enjoying a bit of shade except for when the elephants came through and they certainly made the right decision to move out of the way. In the afternoon the game drive arrived just after they had killed a puku. The poor beast was gone in a matter of minutes with all 18 dogs fighting and squabbling over it and re-appearing from the feast to lay down, digest and clean up.  As you can imagine it really was quite a site.


So there we have it for this week.  Hope that you all have a good one, enjoy, laugh lots and have fun.






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