Its Monday 26th January 2015 and the river is up!

Well hello there everyone, I hope that you have had a marvelous weekend whether it was spent wrapped up warm and snuggling up next to a fire, or strolling along a lovely sunny beach. Here in the Luangwa we have had a gap in the rain which has been fabulous and the river has stayed lovely and high so we are really enjoying some wonderful boating activities.


We are delighted to have managed to get Nsefu open without any major dramas as we were worried about the water levels. It’s happy days with the first guests going up yesterday, so we shall have to wait to hear news from them. We have been out and about and it has to be said there is a very surreal feeling of wending your way up to Nsefu by boat – one moment you know where you are and the next moment you have lost all orientation. The different perspective is well worth the adventure and just seeing the animals looking down at you as well as the wonderful bird life is a real treat.


Luangwa River Camp has also opened up this weekend and is looking fabulous. The team is in fantastic spirits after their break and are now ready and raring to go.

So now having discussed the openings, we have just closed Luangwa House for a few weeks for some little maintenance jobs. The last guests that stayed there had some wonderful sightings. I mean where and how on earth can you go wrong with a pack of 14 wild dogs and as if that was not enough they also saw leopard with a kill. Along with all the larger animals a huge variety of birds both migrants and residents have been seen and enjoyed and are all looking even more stunning with the bright green backdrop.


The landscape has changed so much and is just magnificent topped with the added bonus of the thick bush. You really just don’t know what is waiting for you around the corner – a large bull elephant or a stunning bright red Fireball Lilly – either of which is equally as rewarding as the other. Its also the time of year where all of the little Vlei Lillies and wild ginger flowers crop up on the sides of the road and whilst we never really get the huge swathes of flowers it is still a lovely sight.





Nkwali bar has been given a glorious respite from the afternoon tea-stealing baboons. This is a relief to all of us, especially the waiters who no longer have to come to tea ready for some sprints but also for the guides as it really does mean more cake for everyone.








Apart from that, well to be honest with you there is not much more that I have to tell you. So I am going to leave you with a slightly short but hopefully still enjoyable Its Monday this week.

Have a fantastic time, laugh lots, smile more and enjoy every moment that you can with friends and family.







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