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Yellow Fever certification lifted for Zambia

It is with much delight that we share the exciting news of Yellow Fever certification being lifted (with immediate effect) for travel between Zambia and its regional neighbours, South Africa and Botswana. This follows the recent announcement by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of declaring Zambia yellow fever free. One less requirement to remember and process!

Kaza Univisa

Explore Zambia and Zimbabwe with much more ease – just one visa to travel between the two! A common tourist visa has recently been issued by Zambia and Zimbabwe – the Kavango Zambezi Trans-frontier Conservation Area (KAZA) UNIVISA.
The KAZA UNIVISA will be valid for 30 days as long as you remain in Zambia and Zimbabwe. It also covers those who visit Botswana for day-trips through the Kazungula Borders.
A full list of the 40 countries eligible is available here

Malawi Flood Appeal

Following on from the floods in Malawi, over 200,000 people who have been displaced and now homeless, finding themselves without the very basic of necessities. We have had requests to asking whether we can assist in sending through financial assistance. RPS is of course assisting where we can, but we do not have sufficient manpower nor knowledge to distribute funds where they are most needed.
Various professional organisations are rallying together to give the required urgent assistance, with every little bit going a long way. If you would like to help please consider World Food Programme, who have teams on the ground doing a great job assisting those affected. You can simply make a donation:
Donate Here

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