Its Monday 16th February 2015 and a lovely weekend

So good morning everyone I hope that you are all well and have had a lovely valentines weekend. I hope that everyone has either been thoroughly spoilt or simply spoilt themselves!

Here in the Luangwa the run up to a smashing weekend really started on Thursday evening when all of a sudden there was an evening without rain and the animals seemed to go into party mode celebrating the fact. Sitting on the sofa there was some major animal surround sound with Hyenas, lions, bushbabys, frogs and toads, hippos and elephants all calling at the same time– it was chaos. Eventually things quietend down for the evening and everyone managed to get some sleep until a 1 am enormous clap of thunder woke most people up and the rain started – but only until 5am. Just as the rain stopped and everyone was still tucked up in bed a couple of rather large male lions walked through camp silently sneaking past us all and only leaving some large muddy footprints in the paths to signal their presence.


It would appear that elusive lions have been the story of the week for the Nkwali guides and they have not seen any however we seem to be having them trotting through camp whilst we are all safely tucked up in bed! Nsefu however have more than made up for it on the lion front as Braston on several occasions has seen them on his walks. Whilst at Nsefu lets also not forget to mention that this week the guests also saw a lovely herd of some 20 odd Wildebeest, which, was quite a highlight.


However before Braston gets to show off too much and I digress we shall return to Nkwali for the stories of this weekend. Having made it through a rather noisy Thursday night the guests were treated to a game drive with some 16 wild dogs just running around rather purposelessly and just enjoying the cool weather. Dashing in between the combretum bushes yelping and playing it was all a rather lovely scene. Asides from the dogs we have had heaps and heaps of elephants looking so happy and healthy and just relishing all that lovely long green grass that they have to eat – it is the time of plenty so everyone is fattening themselves up before the hot dry season sneaks back up on us. George had a very interesting walk taking some lengthy detours and sneaky bypasses around the large grey beasts which certainly made for a fun and interesting morning.















Friday evening saw a birthday celebrated on the river with a bottle of sparkling wine, blue skies, lovely sunset and the hippos attempting to sing happy birthday in a rather out of tune fashion. Then returning to camp for dinner and birthday cake. Then if the weekend couldn’t get any better Saturday morning seemed to have an influx of leopard sightings as the cool morning enticed them to get up and about and have a wander around and the morning was finished off with Christabel having set up a lovely bush breakfast for all the guests and although the skies at one point looked a little grey the clouds moved off and the weather was on our side.








So there we have it another weekend in the Luangwa and so this week well, having just put the first coat of the new floor in at room 2 yesterday we were really rather hoping for a dry couple of days but by 5o-clock last night those hopes and dreams were smashed and we had an enormous rainfall which lasted most of the night but thankfully no damage done. By next week we are hoping to have rooms 1 and 2 upgraded and looking lovely so I will get going with my camera to take some photos of it all to show you so that you can see what we have been busy doing.

Other than that well I think that I shall leave it at that for this week. Hope that you all have fun, laugh lots and enjoy the week ahead.











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