Its Monday 23rd February 2014 and another magical week

I hope that you are well and that those of you in the States are surviving the big freeze and are successfully wrapped up nice and warm and that the rest of you wherever you may be have had a lovely weekend.

Here in the Luangwa another week has simply flown past without so much of a moment for us to take stock and can you believe it that it is almost March – I mean the time just seems to go fast and faster.

Anyways before we get sucked into wandering where time goes lets drag ourselves back to our magical Luangwa Valley and give you all some envious stories of this weeks events.

For some reason this week has had the Nkwali guides looking pretty good and the guests have had some incredible game viewing. In fact one of our guests whilst sitting in the car at Lupunga spur and in the 360 degree view could see some 40 elephants, giraffe, impalas and pukus, 5 female lions sitting in the shade and one large male lion walking across the plain making the antelope bark and snort and jump up and down made the comment “well if I wasn’t seeing this for myself I would think it was a fictional story”.








Lupunga Spur seems to have been the place to be this week as after hearing some commotion in the distance Kiki headed straight towards the noise and found that a pride of 12 lions had taken down a fully grown male giraffe. Well I mean what a meal that turned out to be and even though there was more than enough to go around the 5 females who had done the hunting were not going to let anyone enjoy the spoils before they had had their share. After some claws and teeth had been splashed around they sat stuffing themselves whilst the rest of the pride reluctantly but calmly sat on the sidelines waiting until they could have their turn.


The Wild Dogs have also been around lots this week and it has been a pack of 16 that we have been seeing quite regularly, which is fantastic however one sighting stood out over the rest. The dogs were actually not doing very much at all, that was until a Hyena innocently strolled past and his day just got a whole heap worse! The dogs seemed to take enormous offence to the Hyenas presence and leapt up and gave him a really good hiding and really showed him the door. So the poor Hyena eventually managed to get out of the situation rather bruised and battered with a lot more than just his pride injured. A sure sign not to mess with a pack of Wild Dogs.









I think that this week Kiki also managed to set the record for a game drive. In an hour and a half of his short pre airport game drive Kiki managed to show his guest the 16 wild dogs, 2 leopards, 10 lions and not to mention countless elephants, giraffes, zebras and impalas. He realizes that he has set the bar pretty high on this one and now by the mere fact that I am writing about it on its Monday he is getting nervous that this will now be the new level of expectation. Good luck!


I think that I have somewhat bombarded you with some incredible stories from the Park so I am going to leave it at that for this week but before we go I just remembered that I had promised to take a couple of quick shots of the refreshed Nkwali rooms and as we finished our first one yesterday here you go.













On that note I am going to leave you all to another exciting week have a good one with lots of laughter and smiles and I will be back next Monday with more stories for you all.






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