Its Monday 2nd February 2015 and a wet and wild week!

So here we are again, we find ourselves approaching yet another week with the usual excitement. I hope that everyone has had a lovely weekend preparing and relaxing for what lies ahead with the week.  For those of you in the very chilly UK, Europe and Northern USA, I hope that you are all wrapped up nice and warm as it is certainly rather chilly.

But let us move onto the Luangwa… well let me tell you, it has been quite a week. For those of you out there who are slightly skeptical about coming out on safari during what we affectionately call the emerald season (rather than the drab sounding rainy season), well have a read of the below and let us know what you think!!


So what have we been seeing? Fred started the week with an incredible sighting, leaving camp nice and early on a clear morning and taking a gentle drive using his keen tracking skills combined with eagle ears and a little luck he came across a pack of 16 wild dogs which had just seconds before made a kill.  As they parked up to watch the excited yelping and doggy playfulness which enticed some curious hyenas into the picture and who managed to steal the kill from them cackling and making their slightly strange yelping sounds in the excitement.   The dogs at this point started to look a little despondent about loosing their breakfast and soon plucked up the courage and tentatively tried to get back in there and get their kill back but unfortunately failed on their attempt.   Whilst we are talking about wild dogs, Fred and his same guest had several subsequent wild dog sightings and each time the hyenas were parked off on the sidelines waiting to get in on some of the action in the form a free meal.


It would appear that Fred has had quite a week as he has also had leopards practically falling out of trees and some lovely lion sightings. There is absolutely no shortage of animal activity on the Nkwali front.  Not to mention the usual quantities of elephants and now very happy and well fed looking impalas.  Even the giraffes have been enjoying some time in the long grass feeling a little shorter!


















We can’t focus just on Nkwali as we have also got River Journeys up and running and the first guests up to Nsefu had an incredible walk with Bertram.  Firstly lets start with a wonderful boat ride up with lots of birds and other animals scattered along the river bank. The following day an early morning walk finding a pride of lions feeding on a buffalo – this is on foot by the way everyone!! And now Bertram really started to show off as still on foot they later found the same lions and tracked them through the bushes and stood and watched as they got a little too close to some elephants and the elephants then decided to chase them off.








So as you can see it has been all go on the game-viewing front and well who knows what we will see next.

This is all for this week. I look forward to reporting our next week’s encounters but until then have a lovely time wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Please remember, have fun, laugh lots and look after each other.









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