Its Monday 16th March 2015 and news from Mkulumadzi

I hope that you are all well and sitting comfortably ready to hear news from Mkulumadzi this week.  Our new management couple Heath and Bridget have arrived and have been busy getting to know the team, the camp and the park as well as adapting to their new home.  Having had a bit of time for them to settle, we thought that it would be lovely to hear from them as well as get an update from Malawi.  So for this week over to Heath and Bridget:

“Hello one and all, we hope that you had a lovely weekend.  It’s Monday and all the wildlife at Majete are adjusting to the new lush and almost tropical rain forest that has sprung up!  We are new to Mkulumadzi and our first time to Malawi.  What an amazing and special place it is.  The beautiful rivers, giant trees, plentiful game and the ever-elusive leopard which we were fortunate to come across a few days ago in the heat of the midday sun.








With all the rain that we have been having the rivers are very high and rapids very strong.   We regularly see baby hippos following their mothers to the banks, being caught in the rapids and washed down stream. Their perseverance to continue trying is a sight to be seen – and I can assure you that they do make it.


Sitting in the lodge listening to the roar of the Shire River and all of the other surrounding sounds is in itself very special. However the bird calls never cease to enthral as well as the wonderful bird sightings.  All the birds are so different from one another some subtle and brown and other incredibly flamboyant. One that springs to mind is the African Emerald Cuckoo with a pretty average song but an outstanding plumage of bright yellow breast and its emerald green back and wings.


The mighty Shire River is at its fullest, and as you sit by the pool you can’t even begin to imagine the millions of litres that rush past. This incredible source of life with all the surrounding wildlife just feeding off its energy.  Whilst we have had incredibly high rainfall this year there is however one thing that doesn’t change and that is our resident bushbaby, beautiful Buzz, who comes every evening raining or not for her peanut butter and jam treat.


The game viewing has been good even with the impenetrable wall of thick green vegetation. Porcupines, honey badgers, male lions hunting waterbuck, elephants and warthogs having their daily mud baths keeping them looking young and free of sunburn.








Each day brings a new adventure and we hope you all will visit us soon in the wonderful place we call home, Mkulumadzi Lodge.  Wishing you all a great week and an even better weekend to come from our family to yours”!

Thanks ever so much Heath and Bridget, its lovely to hear from you and Mkulumadzi is sounding like an almost mystical fairy tale at the moment.  For this week though I shall not bring you to the Luangwa as the stories from Malawi are more than enough to keep your appetites whetted.  So for this week I shall bid you all a very fond farewell and have a fabulous week ahead.





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