It’s Monday 30th March 2015 and the last week of River Journeys.

I hope that you are all well and have had a smashing weekend hopefully doing lots of relaxing and general weekend type stuff!! Here in the Luangwa we have, through slightly nail biting anticipation, watched as the Luangwa River had its plug pulled and galloped down which made for some good fun trips down from Nsefu with our last few guests. Having thought that the rain was all but over we were massively proven wrong last night with a good solid downpour which has once again refreshed everything.

Anyway lets get down to business and give you a round up from the last week to ten days of game viewing up at Nsefu and talk about going out with a bang!

So the furthest back we are going is when Bertie was out on a walk and had heard some baboons barking in the distance. Head down he and the guests headed off into the middle distance to find out what the fuss was about. As the barking got closer the senses peaked and it wasn’t long before they saw what the kafuffle was about a pride of lions which had taken down a sub adult giraffe. At this point I am afraid that I can not be precise on numbers as remember everyone was on foot and the lions were in a thicket, so there was a reluctance to completely get in there. They reckon though that there was between 12 and 15 lions, of which one was a magnificent black maned male and a real treat to see.














A quick swap on guides and it was George’s turn and on his first trip and first morning walk, they were blessed with some amazing wild dog sightings. Seeing 5 wild dogs on foot in its self is a real treat, but as they stood watching them just relaxing there was a sudden change of tempo. The dogs got up, stretched, a little chat and general socializing and they were off. Eventually loosing sight of the dogs George and his guests walked in their general direction finding their tracks and following them. After just 30 minutes they found them again and it wasn’t long before they started to get serious and the rest of the game in the area became rather twitchy and it was a lovely sight seeing the dogs running and hunting in the distance. Having decided to move on they went towards the giraffe carcass that Bertie had found a week prior just to see what was going on there. And as if they were simply not going to get away from the dogs there they were but this time seriously hunting impala but rather unsuccessfully. At which point the dogs turned around and headed straight towards the walk as they had decided that some shade was required and they sat down under a tree.









As if the excitement of the dogs was not enough they then continued their game viewing from the Nsefu dining room, watching a baby hippo take its very first steps with its slightly baggy grey/pink skin and wobbly legs and with lots of nudging and encouragement from mum. The baby hippo made it to the river and there they spent a few days right in front of camp.


Two days later with a different guest the morning walk was somewhat delayed as sitting at the bar getting ready to go out 5 hyena ran past camp – I mean what a way to start the morning. No pressure on George to make sure that the rest of the morning continued in tune! Luckily it did as about 1km from camp the baboons were barking and when they went to investigate the impala started snorting and the next minute an impala and a waterbuck walked straight onto the walking safari, very nervous and constantly looking behind them. The baboons were still calling and then a leopard appeared about 30/40meters away although a fleeting glance it was there.








So there we have it, quite an incredible end to the Nsefu chapter of River Journeys. However I am going to quickly finish this Monday’s story with a 1am sighting from Nkwali where a lioness killed a warthog outside room 6. This caused a little problem for the night watchmen and then subsequently this morning with us all trying to get in and around camp but fortunately it was not long until she moved off.















There we have it for this week I am afraid. Plenty more to come though so don’t worry. In the meantime have a fabulous week with plenty of laughter and fun.









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