Its Monday 9th March 2015 and some incredible photographs!

Well hello everyone – so how was the weekend? Here in the Luangwa lots has been going on but I am afraid this week we are going to go back in time to July last year.

As I am sure that everyone is aware we get some pretty serious and talented photographers coming out to visit us here in the Luangwa. However, when I received the photos that you are about to see I was particularly impressed, in fact I can’t stop looking at them as they are stunning.

Before I unleash the beauty I am going to just give you a little bit of chat. In July last year Chris guided one of our guests Kanwar Juneja for his stay with us at Robin Pope Safaris. The photographers amongst you will know that incredible patience is required as the guide needs to not only find the subject, but position the car at the right angle with light, context etc but also spend time sitting, waiting and watching for that “magic moment”. It would appear that Chris with his dedication was able to achieve such moments and the below photos are just a few taken by Kanwar during his stay with us. So no more writing I shall let the photographs do the speaking…





















There is very little that can be said after that except thank you very much for sharing these photographs with us Kanwar. I am not quite sure what images we will use next week as they will unlikely be unable to compete.


I am also unable to find any further stories to better this, so for this week I am going to wish you all a very fond farewell. Have a fab week, lots of fun and laughs and don’t forget to look after each other.





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