Its Monday 20th April 2015 and a busy week at Luangwa Safari House

I hope that you are all well and have completed a very successful weekend one way or another. Here in the Luangwa well there we were thinking that the rains were finished but apparently not as we have had so much more than we expected that the river has come up and George is in fact able to boat up to Nsefu today. For as long as I have been here – and between you and me that is quite a while – I don’t think that I can remember ever boating up to Nsefu at the end of April! Moving away from the thunderheads and excessive rainfall and onto the exciting subject of what the wildlife has been doing. It appears that Luangwa Safari House has really been somewhat of a hub of activity. We have had a busy week with guests and they have had some excellent sightings in the park however on several occasions there was almost no reason to in fact leave the house or at any rate stray too far. 5 Asides from plenty of impalas, pukus and warthogs we have on many occasions seen in excess of 30 elephants roaming around the house drinking from the lagoon as well as plenty of giraffes. Both of which were somewhat thrown and confused by a pack of 10 wild dogs running around between their legs and causing havoc with the impalas. The dogs were there playing in front of the house for quite some time causing quite a spectacle – sadly the guests were in the park actually trying to find wild dog so were slightly miffed when they got back and heard the news. They did however a couple of days later see a pack of 15dogs taking down an impala, which was an incredible sighting. 1432 The 2 lionesses with the 2 cubs have also been wandering around and the other night was somewhat hectic with them and hyenas calling creating a surround-sound effect to lull us all off to sleep with. Speaking of noise and just for a brief moment heading into the park Jacob pulled up with a one eyed male leopard just in front and the leopard proceeded to walk straight past the car calling the gruff sawing call whilst the guests practically felt the vibrations through the seats of the car. On top of this there has been a young male leopard hanging around Luangwa Safari House and has been seen on several occasions by the guests one of which he was completely relaxed and lounging fast asleep in a nearby tree which was a treat for everyone to see. 687







So, as you can see our guests have been really rather spoilt with some incredible sightings but that goes for not only the Luangwa Safari House guests but also those who have been staying at Nkwali who have witnessed some equally wonderful sightings. We were sitting chatting with Daudi the other day and we are literally seeing Wild dogs about 5 days a week at the moment which has to be a record and the most that we have ever had the luck of seeing. That being said anyone coming out any time soon and sitting at home reading this don’t get your hopes up as we never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. However, it is always fun to put a little pressure on the guides. 9 Speaking of the guides every rainy season we have the occasional car getting stuck in the park, which is a bit of muddy fun for all involved. The guides though tend to try and keep this as quiet as possible as they don’t want to be teased by anyone about this. Sadly though the guests occasionally let the cat out of the bag and Jacob was the victim to this last week as the children turned round and fully landed him in it when they came back all excited by the additional adventure of the morning. So for this week we are going to come to a sticky end and leave you with enough to satisfy your curiosity but not too much so that we keep you keen to read next weeks news. Have a fab week with lots of smiles and laughter.





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