Its Monday 27th April 2015 and some first hand game viewing

How is the week going so far? I hope it’s been good so far. Here in the sunny and dry Luangwa Valley we have had a short relief from the rain and hopefully it is going to turn into a long relief but lets not get our hopes up. Tomorrow we are driving up to Nsefu and Tena and I am certain that the road will be bumpy and almost back breaking as the tractor is only going up this morning, but we are made of stronger stuff than allowing ourselves to be stopped by some black cotton soil.

However we are not here to talk about terrible roads, we are here to talk about what is going on in the bush and this week has once again been absolutely fabulous in terms of what our guests have been seeing. At this point though I am going to say that here we were sitting in the office hearing of all these wonderful sightings so finally Rob and I managed to sneak a couple of days off and get out into the park.

Let me set the scene: when Rob and I go for a game drive we tend to just take the most out of the way tracks so as not to bump into any cars and just lose ourselves in the beauty of the bush. Nattering away and stopping to simply listen, watch and enjoy. The last couple of days were no exception and whilst we were not really on the great search for game we still saw plenty. Driving down little tracks the bush thick and overflowing across the road with brief windows through and out onto open areas we were never at any point without something to enjoy. The chestnut bellied kingfisher flitting around in the deep shadow of a tree. A skink sunning itself on a piece of bark taking the chill out of the morning. A chongololo (millipede) chewing on one of the last mushrooms before they all wilt away as the rains subside. And those are just the small animals out there.








Elephants seem to be around almost every corner at the moment whether they are just walking right down the road or trying to hide themselves in the thick grass, which makes them feel a little smaller! Giraffes are towering over all of us looking down their long noses with a certain air of superiority. And then somewhere in the middle of the scale of size are the antelope which are going through the rut at the moment so all the impalas have almost disbanded into smaller herds as the male fiercely protect the ladies he has managed to “impress” and the pukus frantically running around chasing the poor girls every which way possible causing quite a racket as they crash through the long grass and negotiate the uneven ground. It really is quite a site and all of this simply un-veiled its self in front of us without us even trying,


Somehow as we drove down the main road to leave the park completely satisfied and not thinking about seeing anything else we came around the corner and I uncontrollably muttered – well not so much muttered as the excitement took over! I don’t believe it – Wild Dogs. There they were 5 of them just trotting straight towards us it was amazing. We turned off the car engine and without a care in the world they just came straight past us not even 6 meters away from the car. After they had passed Rob said – I think that they are about to start hunting would you like to follow them? Well of course the answer was yes and of course Rob was right and not even a minute later they started hunting and this is what is amazing. They flicked on the speed and they were off and just disappeared into the bush and couldn’t be seen.

A perfect end to a perfect day.

So on that note I am going to leave you as really I don’t think that I can follow on after that but I will be sure to take my camera with me tomorrow and hopefully will have lots of exciting updates to give you all as we speed towards opening the camps in a few weeks time. In the meantime though have a fabulous week and don’t forget to smile as much as possible and look after each other.








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