Its Monday 8th April 2015 and Happy Easter!

Its Monday and Happy Easter

I hope that you have had a lovely Easter Weekend doing everything that you had planned! Here in the valley we had lots of chocolate and hot cross buns along with an easter egg hunt in the bush which was a real hit with both adults and children!

So where to start? I mean I could go on and on but let’s take you across to Luangwa Safari House where Jacob has once again been showing off everything that the Luangwa has to offer. He had a family over Easter who had been to visit us before so there were no excuses, he had to pull the animals out of the bag. Over the four days that they were with us there was no shortage of wildlife showing off and they saw 5 leopards, wild dogs, tons (literally) of elephants, giraffes and many more.








It is also the time of the rut so the impalas are really going for it, running around, tails fluffed up, risking life and limb to win their ladies and making what can only be described as a particularly unattractive snort!!! On one of the drives, Jacob and the guests came around a corner and under a sausage tree were two leopards just sitting next to each other posing for the cameras. The siblings were about 4 years old enjoying what we are sure will be the last few months of being looked after by mum before having to fend for themselves.









The elephants have been keeping all the guests busy by showing up at the lagoon at the house almost every day! The giraffes have also been there in full force determined not to be shown up by the elephants! It is however a sure sign that things are drying up quickly if they are relying already on the lagoon for their water. In fact digressing momentarily, Rob and I were out this morning first thing and noticed that the grasses are already starting to turn slightly brown.


Back on track now and onto the wild dogs which were spotted just after sunset running around chatting and trying to do a little bit of hunting but sadly failed so the drive moved on not wanting to disturb them.


And lastly no Easter would be complete without an Easter egg hunt! Christabel and the team headed out with a cooler box of chocolate eggs on ice and set up a lovely bush breakfast in the park. The guests arrive to the smell of bacon as Simon was busy cooking up a storm but due to the slight issue of heat that we have here in the Luangwa the Easter egg hunt had to come first so everyone ran around looking for the little eggs hidden in all sorts of curious places. Each and every one of them was found and successfully consumed. After that a well-earned cooked breakfast under the shade of a tree before heading back to camp.

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So as you can see things have been nice and busy here in the Luangwa but before I sign off for this week I am going to leave you all with the exciting news of the first explorations up to Nsefu and Tena by road. The car will be heading out in a couple of days to see if the rivers are low enough to drive across so that we can get up there and start getting the camps open for the beginning of the season. We will keep you posted on progress and let you know the minute we get up there! Look out for lots of pictures and news.

In the meantime hope that you all have a fabulous week. Laugh lots, have fun and most importantly look after each other.



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