Its Monday 25th May 2015 and the stranded banded

I hope you are all smashingly well and have had a wonderful weekend. Well we are all very very busy here in the Luangwa with all the camps opening; which is super exciting. Since last Monday when Daudi managed to absorb all of the limelight with his amazing sightings we have had a vast array of not only sightings but happenings. First off I am going to start with our annual Johnny Ambrose rugby tournament which we hold in memory of Johnny. Though there are dwindling number of people left in the Valley who knew Johnny it is still a very important day and it brings us all together. This year there was a fantastic turnout with some very generous donations and a good amount of money raised in Johnny’s name for the South Luangwa Conservation Society, so hurrah all round.

Moving on from that and dashing straight up to the Nsefu sector where George had a sighting of a lifetime. I would like to add that both camps opened on Friday and are in full swing but this sighting happened earlier on in the week whilst George was doing a little gardening at Nsefu. For those of you who know Nsefu you will remember that in front of and in between the bar and Room 1 there is a termite mound. George was on top of the termite mound doing some flattening out of the top and watering it down with a band of Banded Mongoose just behind him not far from the lagoon. All of a sudden there was a loud WHOOSH followed by all sorts of screaming so he turned around and saw that a Martial Eagle had swooped down and grabbed one of the Banded Mongooses! With the poor animal between its talons it flew off no more than a couple of meters off the ground. The entire band of Mongooses just took off taking no notice of George rushing straight past him in pursuit of their chum who was screaming away whilst in flight. The Eagle landed on the ground 20 or so meters away to sort itself out but within a matter of moments the mongooses were on top of him screaming, chattering and gaining ground. Its not often that the smaller animal wins but this time there was force in numbers and the Martial Eagle decided that it was not a fight worth fighting so dropped his Mongoose and took to a tree. Half the band of mongooses stayed behind to look after their freshly released friend whilst the other half took off after the Eagle and chased it away. After all the noise and the drama you will be very pleased to know that the stranded banded was returned to his band a little shaken up and maybe with a scratch or two but asides from that seemed absolutely fine.



What an incredible sighting.

Other than that, all the camps are now open and I have already heard some chirps of fantastic game viewing; so I shall report more on that next week. However I will leave you with a hot spot which has been the center of a couple of fantastic sightings over the last 4 days. Robin’s Bridge just outside of Nkwali has been visited by a pack of 9 wild dogs and then as if that wasn’t enough a couple of days later a fleeting and rare glimpse of 3 tiny leopard cubs.


Golly, lots going on! Please don’t get your expectations too high as I pile on the pressure for the guides for any of you coming out to visit us soon. And so on that jolly note I shall bid you all a very fond farewell for yet another week and will keep you all updated with our goings on next Monday; and who knows what will have happened between now and then.

Have a fabulous week, take care, look after each other and most importantly laugh lots.



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