Its Monday 4th May 2015 and from Nkwali to Nsefu

I hope that you are all well and have had a smashing weekend. As promised we are going to venture up to Nsefu this week but before I take you through our very long and incredibly bumpy journey, a small tale from Fred who has had a couple of days of fantastic game viewing.

So what has Fred been seeing? Well it all started on Friday afternoon when they heard the telltale alarm calls coming from around the corner. So off they went in search of whichever predator that was spooking out the baboons. In the distance they saw a lovely young but incredibly timid leopard who had just killed a really rather large male impala. The impala was so big that the leopard was unable to take it up a tree to enjoy it in peace as well as relative safety. Seeing that the leopard was so very nervous of the car they decided to enjoy from a distance for a few moments, then as the sun was setting scoot off to enjoy their sundowner and let the leopard enjoy its dinner.


Sundowners packed up they started making their way back and passed the impala carcass but no leopard. Instead there they saw a rather large crocodile with its jaws full of blood. A scuffle from the other side of the spotlight and then a civet very bravely trying to steal the impala from the crocodile! As if that was not enough, the following morning Fred headed back to the “scene of the crime” and this time two lions were feeding on the impala. Shame it turned out that almost everyone had a meal except for the leopard who had done all the hard work.








So how’s that for a snippet from Nkwali?? However I did promise to fill you all in with some details from the Nsefu Sector; and not being one to go back on such promises… Tuesday morning Rob and I armed with packed lunch, lots of water and a good dose of sunscreen headed north. The roads had not yet been put in so we were fully prepared for the nightmare of ungraded black cotton soil. 2 ½ hours later and a couple of inches shorter from the bouncing, we arrived at Tena. The team there is in full swing getting the camp ready for its first guests in just a few weeks. The months of rain on the outdoor bathrooms take its expected toll and so everything was being sanded down and prepared for plastering and painting. At this point Tena is always slightly scary, as being a tented camp there is not much to see now but the team is in and really working hard.

Nsefu always looks more under control and George is up there re-thatching a couple of the rooms, sorting out a few minor issues and getting going with some general maintenance in a very calm and collected manner.


The Nsefu Sector is looking fabulous, I mean I don’t think I have ever been there whilst it is all looking so wild and wooly. The lagoons are full, the grass is high and let me tell you the animals are everywhere. In just the short time that we were up there asides from numerous elephants, giraffes, impalas and pukus we saw some amazing kudu bulls. A leopard slightly cautious of the car, a hyena rather strangely running amongst a herd of impala and a small herd of buffalo – there was no shortage to keep us amused.


There we have it a little round up of what we are up to and what the animals are up to. Another week ahead who knows what will unfold but one thing is for sure it will be, as it always is, unexpected.

Time for me to sign off and leave you to the rest of your Monday. Have a fabulous week and look forward to catching up next Monday.






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