Its Monday 18th May 2015 and lots of happenings

How are you all? Most importantly are you all sitting comfortably because this week well there is some very exciting developments but also sightings one of which made me particularly smug!

Where to begin… well I think lets start with the game viewing which I have to tell you has been incredible and we just seem to be ticking all the boxes along with some additional ones right now. Rob and I headed up to afternoon tea to sneak in some cake and say hi to some of the guests that we had in camp. When we asked them how their first day had been, they replied ’‘we would like to see some plains game, as in our first day we saw 7 leopards!!’ Well lets face it, that is just showing off but it gets better. Sitting down chatting to Daudi at the end of his few days with the same guests I was asking what he had been seeing when he piped up, ‘just behind camp here we saw Aardvark and then the following evening we saw caracal!’


Well lets put it this way, usually Aardvark would top the charts but in this instance I am afraid it was slightly put in the shadows. John who was spotting on the evening game drive called to Daudi “something just crossed the road but I am not sure what it is?” So they angled the car around to take a better look and sure enough after several blinks it was still there – a caracal. This is where I get smug as many years ago I was out for an evening and on the way back I saw a caracal. When I told everyone in the morning they all told me that I couldn’t have and must have miss-identified, so to be honest with you I am feeling rather pleased with myself now that actually there is a high chance that I was right. Let us also however just have a little moment for the Aardvark who also really performed for the guests busying around this way and that for a good 5 minutes in front of the car for the guests to see.

Finally the icing on the cake for the last drive with the same guests was the big one eyed male leopard that we see opposite Nkwali quite often. It had killed and dragged a fully grown male impala up a tree. Lets face it, it would appear that Daudi has had a particularly spectacular week.

Now on that note of phenomenal sightings we are going to move on to some new developments in the camps, because a little bit of “behind the scenes” info to keep you all in the loop is important.

Well as you all know Nsefu and Tena are full steam ahead with camp building and everyone is doing a fantastic job and the camps are coming along really well. I am looking forward to heading up tomorrow to check out the latest developments.








Luangwa House however is the star of this week as it has received an “extension” in the form of half a shipping container, which we have modified and made into a hide. We have placed it in a very large hole in the ground using the crane on the Samil 50 truck whilst giraffes and elephants looked on. I stood right back slightly terrified of all that could go wrong but in it popped without a care in the world. We have placed the hide just in front of the deck next to the lagoon so that our guests will be able to walk down from the deck into the hide and be at ground level and will hopefully be taking some amazing photos of the elephants as they come to the lagoon to drink. I myself can not wait to find an empty day at Luangwa House to go and sit in the hide and give it a go for myself – don’t worry I will let you all know when I do and shall send photos to accompany it. For now though the only photos are of the process, which in its self was quite a spectators sport!


Right, on that note I think that I shall leave you all to it for another week. When we next chat the bush camps will be open so we shall hopefully have some news of sightings from them to keep you all busy. In the meantime have a fantastic week.

Take care, look after each other and most importantly laugh lots.








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