Its Monday 15th June 2015 and a extraordinary sighting at morning tea

I hope that you are all well. Here in the very chilly Luangwa Valley our weekend was as always jam packed with lots of bits and pieces both on the wildlife front. Whilst the guides were busy showing off in the park some of us were busy getting a very large green truck packed up and ready to go up to the Mupumadzi for the start of the Mobile Walking Safari season. So that is it, everything is now officially open and we look forward to hearing back from Jason and George about their trips up there.

In the meantime though lets chat about what has been going on in the park. As always it has been non-stop with Luangwa House guests getting some great sightings of 15 wild dogs chasing impala. Whilst unsuccessful it was still a fabulous sighting. However, the large male lion eating an impala and snarling and fighting off the 4 girls did rather pip the dogs to the post.









Kiki has also been busy running around the park and has been seeing everything possible, including 3 pythons and plenty of leopards. However the one leopard sighting certainly got everyone’s heart rate up; as hearing a real commotion they headed towards the noise and found a leopard giving a troop of baboons a right fright and it eventually caught one! After the leopard had aggravated the troop and caught the baboon it then took a little turn and mock charged the car with a serious growl stopping some 10 meters away. There was a very silent moment in the car that is for sure and even Kiki was lost for words, which is really saying something.


The sighting of the week though has to go to Luangwa River Camp (again you see they are really starting to show off). Sharon Blodgett was back in the valley again and was escorting a large group of guests. One morning whilst they were all parked up together enjoying some morning tea quite an incredible sighting unfurled in front of them. Whilst they were there nattering away out of the bush burst an impala running like crazy and then shortly after the impala were a pack of wild dogs.


Now you see there was a real dilemma, as the impala had the unfortunate situation of being faced by the Luangwa River – so the choice was dogs versus the river!! The impala chose the river but after a few meters changed its mind, made a U-turn but by then it was too late and it turned straight into the jaws of a crocodile. Everything happened so quickly that everyone was slightly stunned by the events and the photograph really shows the swirl of the aftermath but I promise it really did all happen.


I mean does it really get much better than that?

At this point let me also mention a few moments of in camp entertainment at Tena Tena. For two days running last week it was quite hectic as on Tuesday they had a pack of wild dogs bound through camp and then on Wednesday they had a pride of lions walk through breakfast which certainly got everyone going for the morning.

So for this week though I think that we are going to call it quits as I need to leave a few stories untold to keep you all guessing and excited about what we have going on here in the Valley. Therefore on that note I shall bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a fabulous week wherever you are with lots of laughter.





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