Its Monday 1st June and an incredible safari at Luangwa River Camp

I hope that you are all well and sitting very comfortably and fully prepared for what you are about to have thrown onto your senses! Markus and Nancy Love returned to the Luangwa Valley after coming out at the end of last year. Whilst they had some incredible sightings last year it was a little hot so they decided to try a cooler time and were equally amazed by what they saw.

Over 5 days they managed to see two different packs of wild dog, a pride of sleepy lions and a pair of porcupine. Leopards up trees, with kills and relaxing in the sun. And the most perfect elephant shrew ever caught on camera. However, one sighting in particular will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


They were delighted on their first morning drive to see a leopard strolling casually towards a heap of mud on the side of the river. When the heap of mud started to move it soon became apparent that there were about 10 (large) crocodiles feasting on an impala. Instead of continuing his stroll, the leopard waded in and proceeded to join in the feast, cuffing the crocs that came too close, and valiantly trying to haul the carcass away. But he was outnumbered. In deep frustration, the leopard left the kill a number of times, only to return a few minutes later and repeat the process.












During the hour that Markus and Nancy sat transfixed watching this scene develop, vultures and maribou storks started to line up, along with an inquisitive hippo closely followed by a hyena trying to creep in unnoticed. All stayed on the outer edges of the action and seemed overwhelmed at the sheer bravery of the leopard.


Yona, who guided Markus and Nancy during their stay, commented ‘I love the bush and each time I go out I know for sure that am not going to come back without seeing ‘the usual’– that alone is good enough but this particular morning was different – Markus says ‘its tea time” what he actually meant was “its show time”. On our way to the tea spot, here are the dogs lying flat in a river bed looking very stuffed and lazy, and just about 50 meters away, facing the Luangwa river was this unbelievable scene of hyena, hippo, storks, vultures, crocs and a huge male leopard sharing a kill. In very few words … that’s one sighting you can never go out hoping to see every day. Phenomenon is the word!’

We are looking forward to welcoming Markus and Nancy back next May … if not before as with their track record goodness only knows what they will see next! I truly believe and I know that I often say this but for this week there is nothing that can surpass this story so I am not going to even try. I hope that you enjoy sharing this sighting with us as well as marvelling at the incredible photos that Markus and Nancy have been kind enough to share with us.

So for this week I shall bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a fabulous week with lots of laughter and all things good.




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