Its Monday 22nd June 2015 and some Luangwa Safari House inspired poetry

I hope that you are all well, happy, healthy and sitting comfortably ready for this week’s Its Monday. For this week we have something new for you all, a lovely poem from Damien Ellis who came to spend some time with us at Luangwa House with his family and was kind enough to send this poem on to me.


Allow me to share it all with you on one condition – next year when they come out we find them an Aardvark! Well Jacob will be guiding them so I have very kindly handed that challenge over to him…. For now though I hope that you all enjoy this as much as I have over to Damien:

“Deep in the thicket, the leopard stealthily hides
Safe in the knowledge she is protected on all sides Patiently waiting for the dusk to fall
When her hunt is announced by the baboon’s loud call
Drink lager shouts Africa’s rudest bird
Whilst we sit on our veranda sipping our third
A battered buffalo passes by, black as coal
But we are hoping elephants will visit the receding water hole
Another sunrise announced by Africa’s golden glow What will see on safari today, we just don’t know Catch the game before the heat of the sun rises Maybe today there will be some rare surprises
Search beam piercing through the dark Looking for that elusive Aardvark
But, if our luck is really in
We might just see a Pangolin
By the crocodile infested river, having a snack Soon after, we witness a wild dog pack
There are only 4000 in the wild
Each female dog needs to have a child!
To captivating Africa we must return
So many sights, sounds and smells at every turn Mindful moments here are simple to find
What a great place to really unwind”
Damian Ellis 12/6/2015

Thank you so very much for sharing that with us Damien and we look forward to hearing about your next safari with us. For now though you are all going to have to put up with me as I do a quick whip around the camps to let you know what has been going on before leaving you for another week.

Nkwali had a day last week where we were literally surrounded by wild dogs! There was a pack opposite camp in the park and a pack behind camp so we really didn’t know which direction to go in; it really was a wild dog fiesta!







As for Nsefu, well when Rob and I headed up there for our weekly meeting. Daudi and Susannah sheepishly asked me for new canvas covers for some of their folding chairs because some had been “lost”. When I asked how on earth can you lose them the answer was simple. The lions came into camp and were chasing a hippo around and then the cubs decided to play with the chairs instead as that was way more fun. I mean lets face it there is no arguing with that for an excuse.
Other than that, our Mobile Walking safaris have started. Whilst we haven’t heard from George since he has been up there with his guests to hear on what they have been seeing, there have been some sightings all the same. We sent the team up a few days before the guests to get camp set up and everything sorted and Jason and George were in one of the cars as they wanted to do a quick recce and on their way back down between camps 3 and 4 they saw a pack of wild dogs chasing a leopard and the leopard ran up into a tree and sat there rather sheepishly waiting for them to leave him alone!! I mean that is not bad going for a very quick first trip up to the Mupumadzi so I am sure that there is going to be lots more news from them.
However, on that rather embarrassing leopard note I am going to leave you all to it and hope that you have an absolutely fabulous week, keep healthy and happy. Lets see what stories I can come up with for next Monday.





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