Its Monday 8th June 2015 and a bit of news from all over

I hope that you are all well and have come out of a wonderful and relaxing weekend – that is of course for those of you who have weekends. For others well I hope that it was great all the same. So what news from the Luangwa Valley? Well as always the wildlife is keeping us very busy indeed with all of the camps having some incredible sightings.

Where to start, that is the question? Lets work our way upstream and start down here at Nkwali and the Houses. The Luangwa Safari House hide has proved a hit and the guests have been having some great photo opportunities from there and the elephants came past so close that this photo was taken with a cell phone!


We have also had lions, leopards and even wild dog sightings coming out of our ears. Whilst there is not one particular sighting that I am able to pinpoint suffice to say that there have been copious amounts.

Moving on to Luangwa River Camp, lets face it after last weeks’ sightings most will kind of float by. However they have seen the elusive bush pigs that live in the Norman Carr Memorial area. They have gone from 6 to 8 very healthy looking piggies! On top of the bush pigs though Sebastian and Yona were both out with a big group of guests and had the cars parked nicely in the shade watching a pride of 9 lions when a Hammercop came to join the party! It circled 2 times overhead and came to land on the back seat of the front vehicle – which was 1 meter from the nearest guests. Sebastian looked it in the eye, the Hammercop eyeballed him back! It stayed there 5 minutes seemingly most interested in what the lions were doing – I mean classic!


Tena Tena has also been having some consistently good sightings; however the sighting of the week happened a few days ago when the game drives radioed camp to let them know that they would be back in five minutes. Well that didn’t happen as coming around the corner the baboons started to go berserk and there were not one, not two but three leopards one female with two males having a full on fisty cuffs over her! Lucky lady and even luckier guests as they got to witness the whole event.

As for Nsefu. well how about this for a send off. Hanna and Soren Aunsholm, regular guests with us, were all packed up and doing a game drive transfer to the airport. In their last 2 hours in the park they first came across 2 male lions who had just taken down a buffalo and were getting stuck in to some breakfast. Soon after leaving that sighting, two leopards sauntered past their car. And if all of that was not enough, a pack of 16 wild dogs loped past and started playing around the car. I mean talk about a send off.








So there you have it a quick round up from all the camps to keep you up dated on what is happening here in the glorious Luangwa.

From the nitty gritty side of everything we are busy getting all of the Mobile Walking Safaris kit unpacked, checked, washed and counted as we are heading up to the Mupumdadzi to start our season of walking in 9 days time. George and Jason are both chomping at the bit to get back up there so we can’t wait to hear from them after their first safaris and I shall certainly keep you all in the loop as to what is going on there.

Right, on that note I shall get going as whilst I would love to stay and chat I do have a few other bits and pieces I need to be sifting through; so have a fabulous week ahead with lots of joy and laughter.







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