Its Monday 13th July 2015 and we want to thank our wonderful guests

Good morning, we hope that you are well and had a fantastic weekend.  So for this week we are going to step away from Zambia and heading across to Malawi and hear from Heath and Bridget, management couple at Mkulumadzi. Over to Heath and Bridget:












“It’s Monday and we want to dedicate this week to our guests. All the pictures here have been taken by our guests whilst on game drives or relaxing around the lodge at the pool or in the chalets.








Since arriving at Mkulumadzi we have had such great people come and stay with us. We believe “our guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends”, and we have experienced this first hand.


The Mkulumadzi (meaning big water) River has started to dry up, but still an amazing site to see walking across our bridge especially in the morning with the rising sun.

As always the Shire is still going strong and our crocodiles, hippos, ellies and birds are always up for putting on a show.






With the change in seasons the crisp morning and chilly evenings have brought love to the air in Majete with mating lions and warthogs, seen on game drives as well as sable, porcupines, genets, civet, water buck and many birds.













It seems as though our one breeding herd of Elephants has been educating the new born calves that our game viewers are not a threat by bringing the whole family to stand around the car almost touching it, what an amazing experience!








We have quite a few guests with birthdays that stay with us and what a unique way to have a birthday with a walk and all day game drive, breakfast and lunch served in the bush!








We are well into the busy season and we are loving it, why not come join in the fun and make memories with us.

That’s all from us at Mkulumadzi, have a great week, we hope to see you soon!”

Thanks so much Heath and Bridget its always great to hear from you guys and we look forward to more news as the season continues.

Here in the Luangwa the chilly mornings are proving a little hectic for all of us as we are really not used to it. You can see the staff moving to have early morning conversations in the sun to try to thaw out.  The baboons sit in the sun holding their feet, the impalas look so dark as they have fluff up their fur to try to retain some kind of heat. And most magically the mist rises from the Luangwa as the heat comes out of the water and hits the cool morning air.

And so on that very chilly note I am going to leave you all to it with one little snippet of wildlife information from the Mupumadzi with the report that the white Impala is still there and going strong but also there is a young white kudu who has joined the team of anomalies up there.


So have a fabulous week and we will give you all sorts of lovely stories next week I hope.







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