It’s Monday 27th July 2015 and Cowtown Camera Club’s Safari

How are you all? Are you sitting comfortably for some wonderful photographs and 10 days of fantastic game viewing? We have recently had a group of 12 members of the Cowtown Camera Club in Texas visiting us for a safari. They spent 5 days up at Tena Tena and 5 days down at Nkwali and over that time had some incredible game viewing of everything big and small. So for this week I am going to hand you over to Tom Savage who was part of the group for a roundup of their trip and lots of photos.

“Twelve members of the Cowtown Camera Club from Fort Worth, Texas, USA had a fantastic safari in mid-June. Ten of the twelve had not been to Africa before, so it was a very new and thrilling experience to see all the animals and birds that we had only ever before seen in zoos. We saw 10 leopards, a wild dog pack three times, a pair of lions mating, and watched a pride of lions work as a team to manoeuvre a juvenile warthog into running into 5 of their members that were hidden in the tall grass. It was amazing teamwork and whilst a somewhat violent result very interesting. According to our guides, seeing an actual kill take place was pretty rare.














































Since we all had 400mm to 600mm lenses, we also were able to do a lot of bird photography, as you can see by the accompanying images.

Just as impressive as the animals and birds was the wonderful support by the RPS staff at Tena Tena (Julius, Bertram, Nyambe, and Christabel) and at Nkwali ( Chris, Fred, Obi, and Carolina). The guides are very knowledgeable and were always doing their best to get us in position for good photographs, and they didn’t rush us but were willing to stay in one spot for as long as we wanted. Because of our big lenses, having more space in the cars and only two rows of seats really helped.

The only slight problem was that the food was so good that eating 5 times a day in both camps over 10 days I have returned home and am somewhat afraid to weigh myself! Whilst out on safari we also had a little bit of romance as two of our members, David and Marilyn, became engaged during one of our sundowners at Tena Tena, and are now talking about returning for a honeymoon.


All in all, a great time was had by all. I am sure some of us will be returning in the future for another great Safari with RPS.

Tom Savage”

Thanks so much Tom for sharing your safari and your photos with us its always great to hear about everyone’s first hand experiences. So on that note I am going to say a very fond farewell to you all and hope that you all have a fabulous week with all sorts of fun and laughter.





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