Its Monday and we are staying in the camps

Well good morning, how are you all and are you sitting comfortably ready to go with another glorious week of tales from the Luangwa Valley?? So whilst we will probably venture out on game drive together a little bit on today’s Its Monday, I did want to give you the latest update on the challenge that we are facing in camp with the wildlife as really it is quite entertaining!

Nsefu has been super busy with wildlife in and around camp and on Sunday night Daudi was sitting at the bar chatting to one of the watchmen, when there was a sudden gut stirring boom from around the corner as a lion decided to call. Standing up getting ready to move they realized that they were in fact in the best spot as there were two lions walking between rooms 2 and 3 – don’t worry the lions just sauntered off in the other direction!


If that wasn’t enough both Daudi and Susannah have now had to start to pack up the bar area completely every evening – we are talking cups, cushions, books the whole shebang. A few weeks ago I wrote about the lion taking the canvas seat cover, well it would appear that they have realized that the nice foamy cushions are far more fun to rip apart and play with. So not to be outshone by the lions the hyenas came through and helped themselves to some crockery! Daudi thought that he had managed to get everything back until one of the walking safaris returned a few mornings ago with one of our mugs still perfectly intact having enjoyed its temporary relocation to the bush!

Tena Tena had a rather dramatic start to the day for one of the waiters. The 4.30am start was all going according to plan the fire was laid, the water was in the kettle and the plates were out. That was the waiter’s first trip then on his second trip he discovered that there were a pride of 16 lions round the breakfast area!! Umm what to do? So he hung back and watched as the cubs decided to tip over the plates and play with them, then one of them fancied a nice cup of warm water so took the kettle off the fire (let me say the fire wasn’t yet lit) but not realizing its own strength pierced the kettle! They then appeared to get bored of this game and sauntered off – or so Mabvuto the waiter thought. So armed with his broom he went to sort out the mess but soon found himself being curiously approached by one of the cubs so the broom was abandoned and knowing not to run for fear of the curiosity turning into a game he nonchalantly wandered into the bar. Sadly for Mabvuto the curiosity continued and his route out was to scale the central pole of the bar and sit up at the top whilst he waited for the lions to get bored and move off! Needless to say he was somewhat flustered when Christabel arrived at breakfast having no idea of what had just occurred!






Nkwali has had a few very busy days also on the lion front with one taking a particular shine to one of the gameviewers as it was parked up for the evening. Maybe it was a comfy place to sit I don’t know but at any rate the lion chose to jump into the drivers’ seat and in doing so its claws may have made an impact on the floor and it used the steering wheel as a chew toy. The baboons at Nkwali continue to cause chaos around camp and now that they know the drum means food you can almost see them and the vervets lined up in the trees waiting patiently for one of the waiters to take their eye off the food for a millisecond and boom they are in there. I do think it may explain the beginnings of rugby as you see a baboon cantering off into the middle distance with a loaf of bread or half a cake tucked under its arm!

Not to be outdone by any of the other camps Mobile Walking team had a pack of wild dogs just simply canter through camp at breakfast without a care in the world about our guests sitting around the camp fire enjoying their toast! I mean amazing they were so focused on their goal which I believe was a puku that they completely ignored everything else. The guests however were all sitting there somewhat amazed by the events.







Golly so there you go. As you can see the camps have been really rather busy but don’t worry just because we are seeing so many animals in camp it doesn’t mean that we are not seeing any in the park – quite the opposite in fact this year so far the game viewing has been phenomenal. However, I have sadly run out of time for this week so I am going to leave you all hanging on in there for more dramatic tails of what is happening in the bush next Monday.

May I just say though that all of these events are truly exceptional and have happened over a few weeks and at no point was anyone in any danger.

So for this week have a fabulous time wherever you are and whatever you are doing and remember to keep smiling and laughing.




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