Its Monday 10th March 2014 and full steam ahead at Pumulani!

Another weekend has come and gone!  Hope you had a splendid one and are all set for another week. Today we will hear from Tapiwa, the head chef at Pumulani. Over to you Taps.


“A little over 8 weeks since Pumulani, ‘the place of rest’ closed its doors to the public. We finished off with a much deserved party for the staff followed by a single day off to calm the nerves. The staff danced, sang and filled up on a few simple but tasty culinary treats. After that the lodge lay dormant, empty and silent for just that single day.

This wasn’t to for too long as 24hours later bright and early you heard voices and laughter as the staff returned once more to the lodge. The ‘place of rest’ was quiet no more. In different corners of the lodge teams of staff were busy packing away furniture and moving it into what was once a spacious manager’s office.   Section by section the walkways and stairs were taken apart. Steel supports were put in place and the 700 pieces of timber shipped from Chikangawa was put to use. This was only the beginning.


Now 8 weeks later, the sections of the walkways scheduled to be rebuilt are almost done, needing only railing guards (which are fashioned from gum poles) installed .The managers’ fingers are itching to cross this task off the list. In the midst of that daunting task, other projects were also under way. A team of Lilongwe carpenters came through, replacing the damaged facial boards on the villas. Furniture removed from all villas made way for new floors. With the new floor in, the furniture is finally returning to where it belongs. The pool scrubbed drained and repainted is now being slowly refilled.

Housekeeping, kitchen and gardeners have once again kicked into gear and are preparing for what is to come. Pumulani will soon open its doors once again to welcome guests. With new management couple Rob & Mona taking the helm, I’m positive we can make the best of the busy & exciting months ahead. “

Great hearing from you Taps, sounds like it is full steam ahead at Pumulani. Thanks for updating us all!

On that note I shall bid you all a fond farewell. Catch up with you next week.






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