Its Monday 17th August 2015 and and all Glued Up

So here we are again for another week. I hope that you are all sitting comfortably for the second instalment from Neil Andrews on his time at Luangwa River Camp, so Neil over to you:

“Regular RPS visitors expect nothing less but guides who are all clued up on every aspect of the South Luangwa bush – big or small, creepy crawly or soaring on high, deep throat roars or innocuous chirrups. Right?

As a regular RPS guest I’d like to let you all into a secret, that Luangwa River Camp guide Sebastian, is not only clued up but also ‘Glued Up!’. It would be wrong to call Sebastian’s guiding ’old school’ for it is the right school … unhurried, patient, the sights and sounds helping him to guide us in the right direction.

Which is all well and dandy, but what really makes Sebastian’s style of guiding stand out, is what we have called ‘Sebastian’s Glue’. For it seems to us that especially with birds Sebastian has devised a method of gluing them to their perches long enough for every member of the party to take all the photos they want.

Starting off with the ubiquitous Lilac Breasted Roller, Sebastian has moved on to Little and White Fronted Bee Eaters, as well as the more exotic, with the likes of Brown Hooded Kingfishers and Shikras … with further ventures now including four footed species like water and bush buck.
















Having spread the word about Sebastian’s birds, as we traveled to other RPS camps we were very much looking forward to our return visit to Luangwa River Camp, and all the more delighted that Sebastian was again to be our guide.

Our delight was amplified upon finding out that in the interim two years, Sebastian has been busy working on the elasticity of his glue. Whereas in the good old days, an LBR (or bee eater, or Pied Kingfisher) just stayed on its perch however much you wished to catch its beauty in flight. Now, the birds do fly but only to obligingly return to their original perches. How obliging is that?

Thank you so much Sebastian, and we look forward to our next visit to discuss what the further stages of this wondrous glue programme deliver.”

Thanks so much Neil as always it’s lovely to see you here and we are delighted that Sebastian and Julius showed you some wonderful wildlife. One last thing though which I hope doesn’t steal the show from Luangwa River Camp is this amazing photo that Ian took at Nkwali at the end of their stay.

You have to love baboons even if they can be rather a nuisance!


So on that note I am going to leave you all to it. Have a fabulous week laugh lots, smile more and be kind to each other.





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