Its Monday 3rd August 2015 and lets go for a walk

how are you all? So what news from the Luangwa… well to be honest with you there is not enough time to update you on all that has been happening. So for this week we are heading up to the Mupumadzi River and catching up with what has been going on up there. As I am sure the regular readers amongst you know I am a big fan of our Mobile Safaris. I think it is an incredible experience and a truly magical spot, so it didn’t take much before I leapt at an opportunity to give you all an update.

George has just come back from his latest trip and he walked into the office and asked me if I needed any stories for an Its Monday. The immediate answer was of course yes please and he sat down and told me all that had happened whilst I tried not to be too obscenely jealous and leap in my car and head up there!








The guests headed off up on the adventure into the unknown and were immediately rewarded on their first night whilst they were waiting around the campfire for dinner. A hyena just pootled on through not more than 25meters from where they were all sitting. That set the bar pretty high for the rest of the safari but fear not it was met without any problems.

Day 2 and walking between camps 1 and 2 a very rare and unusual Luangwa sighting of a wattled crane in one of the lagoons. We are not entirely sure what it was doing there but the sighting was none the less greatly appreciated!

Day 3 and on the move again between camps 2 and 4 while busy tracking lion they came across a young leopard who was slightly surprised by the visitors, broke cover and ran across an open stretch of sand into a short grassy area which George and his guests were standing in. The youngster broke cover again over an open area before finding a far better spot with nice long grass where it slinked off undetected.











Shortly after the lovely leopard sightings the lion tracking came to fruition and they found 2 lionesses. Positioning themselves carefully they all then spent a wonderful time watching the two girls stalk and attempt to hunt a puku in the river bed. Sadly the lionesses were unsuccessful but that didn’t make the sighting any less spectacular.








As if all of this was not enough just behind camp 3 at the lagoon they were treated to 6 large bull elephants carelessly feeding away.








It would appear that Day 3 was quite a hit because that evening on the afternoon walk they then found two elephant shrew, which were mobbing a large puff adder that was trying to find its way into some long grass. I mean you have to take your hat off to the elephant shrew for some truly gutsy behaviour with that one.


That night the guests were lulled to sleep by lions calling to the east of camp which pretty much helped George make up his mind as to the direction of his mornings walk and it wasn’t long before they came across a lot of vultures. Carefully skirting around the thicket a large male lion moved out from under a large bush where he had killed a zebra. The lion was slightly miffed by his visitors and so backed away slightly so George and the guests retreated to a very conveniently placed termite mound some 300m away and sat there quietly watching the kill and after a while the lion came back.








All in all a pretty amazing safari I would say.

So on that jolly little note I am going to leave you all to your Monday to get back to whatever it is that you are getting done. Over here in the Luangwa we are going to crack on with hopefully some more amazing sightings. So in the meantime have a truly fabulous week with plenty of smiles and laughter and who knows what next week will bring.





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