Its Monday 28th September 2015 and a Mkulumadzi Round up!

Well hello everyone I hope you are all doing absolutely splendidly as we run head first into the latter part of the year – I mean I cant quite believe how fast the season is going and we are already getting ourselves geared up for the staggered closing of camps. Anyways I start to digress already so early on in this weeks Its Monday so I am going to shift myself back on course and hand you over to Bridget one of our managers at Mkulumadzi as they have been super busy with lots going on over there. So for this week I leave you in her very capable story telling hands:

The weather is warming up quite rapidly during the day now and the park is drying up very quickly and as you will see we have had some amazing sightings.


For those of you that have visited Mkulumadzi in the past will know how hard it is to find leopard and rhino however, they have been seen and we have the evidence thanks to one guest Koert Kamphusien who captured these beauties.


Thanks Koert for this amazing sunset through the branches of the Large Leaf Star Chestnut trees just beautiful! You can almost feel the cool crisp evening setting in.


Thanks to Susan Strong another of our guests who got these amazing pictures

African civet – very rarely seen during the day but this is such a wonderful picture of a beautiful animal.


Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest – this guy is an odd looking chap as he has one backwards horn but very unique and great.
Sable – just stunning such majestic presence.








Waterbuck – the fluffy shaggy donkey so sweet!


Nyala – Such beautiful markings the young and shy with the old and cautious

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what we’ve seen and hope you will come and join us soon!

All our very best the Mkulumadzi Team!

Thanks Bridget for sharing all your amazing sightings with us it certainly is all go that side.

I shall not carry on for too much longer as I am sure that you all have your weeks to be getting on with but just a small snippet from the Luangwa as you know me I hate not to keep you all in the loop. Up at Nsefu after a long absence it would appear that the Wild Dogs are back! I think that they have been laying low for a while but we have had a couple of days of fantastic sightings, which has got the team up there all sorts of excited! So on that doggy note I am going to leave you all to your week and hope that you have a fabulous one with lots of smiles and laughter.





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