Its Monday and a trip to Livingstone

I hope that you have all had a fantastic weekend and are ready to embrace the week with the usual enthusiasm. Here in Zambia, well lets not kid ourselves, winter is definitely behind us and the heat is starting to pack a punch. So as we slowly start to melt away here lets head south and hear from Kate and Brinsley at Stanley Safari Lodge for a change and catch up with what is happening down at the Falls.

“Greetings from Livingstone! Things are heating up here as winter is definitely over and we are headed swiftly into summer. Unlike me, some things thrive and blossom in the sunshine and heat – look at our vegetable garden, baby marrow, spinach, tomatoes and much more sprouting and growing every day. Also check out one of the most striking plants I have ever seen, the Impala Lily. It is in full bloom right now and it really is stunning.














In other news, we have had a busy few months with lots of guests coming through and doing a whole range of exciting activities. The Walking Safaris to see the rhinos have continued to be a popular outing, with all of our guests who have gone being able to get a great sighting of these beautiful creatures. Rita and Glyn Manning, two of our guests who were here a few weeks ago and have been to several of the RPS properties over the years, were some of the lucky people who were able to go on this spectacular outing and kindly provided us with some wonderful photos. They even got to see Sable – an extremely rare sighting in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park!














They had this to say about their exciting morning:

“We started our walk birdwatching by the Zambezi River whilst waiting for our Scout. As soon as he arrived we started our walk. Chiinga soon found fresh tracks, a mother and calf Rhino.
Whilst following these tracks we found Zebra, Kudu. Impala and many birds. We were getting close and the Scout signalled to go the other way. We moved on and to our delight we saw a male Sable antelope, going a little further we found a small group of female Sable, Chiinga was very excited , he hasn’t seen the Sable at all this year. We continued moving up a rocky area and to our surprise the male Sable has joined the females.
We continued and after walking for just over an hour we find the mother and calf Rhino. Marvellous to get so close without disturbing them. We leave them in peace and find a shady spot for a drink and snack. After a short rest we continued. More Zebra to our left and giraffe in front, we are heading back and to our surprise we find seven Rhino, including a large bull, settling under a tree for a siesta. We spend a little time with them at a safe distance before continuing back to our starting point.
What a marvellous walk with excellent sightings, well worth getting up at 5.15am!”

Devil’s Pool has recently reopened again, due to the lowering water levels, and is just as popular as ever. Dana Sellers, who visited Stanley a few months ago with her parents, returned with her sister, Haley, and they were recently able to experience this incredible phenomenon and were in awe about the entire event.








Last time we wrote, we talked about the Kaza Uni-Visa coming into action, but it was still in its very early teething stages. We are pleased to announce that it is now in full flow and people can move freely between Zambia and Zimbabwe without having to pay extra visa fees. It really has transformed the way guests can see the Falls as it makes it easier than ever to see the Falls from our side and then cross over the bridge and witness them from a completely different angle and perspective!


That’s about it from this side so I’ll hand it back to you Emily! Have a lovely week everyone!”

Thanks Kate it’s always great to hear from you guys down there and hope that the water doesn’t fall too much this year. So from us here in the Luangwa we will bid you all a very fond farewell for yet another week and will keep you posted with progress here as there is one thing for sure the wildlife has definitely been performing.
On that note have a fantastic week with lots of laughter and smiles.







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