Its Monday 14th October 2015 and the mighty Shire River

Hello everyone – how are you all? So what news from us here in the Luangwa… well nothing I am afraid. By that I don’t mean that nothing has been happening as it is in fact the complete opposite. Instead of me telling my stories we have some more news from Bridget down in Mkulumadzi where things are really heating up!

“Hello from the very ‘Warm Heart of Africa’, we hope that you are well and had a great weekend.

It’s Monday and we thought this week we would bring you some news and pictures from our mighty Shire River and her very beautiful banks.












But first we want to go back a few weeks because we had to show you these wonderful pictures of elephants playing and swimming in the Shire, taken by Susan Strong; they start of this It’s Monday so perfectly.

Although the park is looking quite dry now, for many people who have stayed with us recently will know that around the banks of the Shire it’s still lush and green.





When offering boat safaris many of the guests ask “so what can you see from the boat?” All we can say is you have got to give it a go; it’s a wonderful calm way to view animals, birds, trees and even flowers.











In most cases you can get very close to animals without them being scared away by the noise of the car engine.





This elephant did not see us coming from behind, the wind was blowing in our faces and he couldn’t smell us. The boat engine was off and we just drifted by only when he saw us did he realize and he opened up his huge ears and then proceeded to continue eating peacefully.









Then there are the sundown spots; such peaceful places to stop stretch your legs and enjoy the soft sounds of the water and birds while sipping a refreshing drink.








Well that’s all from us in Malawi, have a wonderful week and until next time bye…”

Thanks so much Bridget. I tell you what all that water looks incredibly inviting especially when you take a look at the trickle which calls itself the Luangwa River. Things this year have dried up so incredibly quickly and we are starting to wonder how everything is going to push on through until the rains! However nature is a wonderful thing and I am sure that it will figure something out. So we shall keep you updated on all that is happening here in the Luangwa next week but until then have a fabulous week and remember to keep on smiling.







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