Its Monday 23 November 2015 and lets leave the pictures to do the talking

Well hello there, so how is everyone doing? As we get ourselves ready for the rains with the temperatures and humidity rising as well as the camps closing I decided that it was the ideal opportunity to be slightly lazy with writing Its Monday. Instead let these amazing photographs by Kanwar Deep Juneja do the talking. Yes you guessed it, he has been back and once again had some incredible sightings as he dashed around the bush with Chris seeing non-stop wildlife. So why I am sure you are asking yourself am I still rabbiting on – the answer is well I really don’t know. So for today over to the photographs to tell you about the game viewing:

















































Thanks so much Kanwar for once again sharing your images with us, they are amazing and the sightings incredible. Not much else that can really follow on from these and I am certainly not going to include any of my photographs to get shown up so I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell from a green pasture like Luangwa Valley. Have a fantastic week and remember – you guessed it – smile lots and laugh more.






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