It’s Monday 2nd November 2015 and news from Pumulani

I hope you are all in fine fettle. Things here – well we continue to look up to the skies wandering when the rains are going to arrive but at the same time hoping that we have a couple of dry weeks left ahead of us as we still have Nsefu open. Tena Tena has closed for the season though, which is sad but the team there have done an absolutely fabulous job and are now starting a couple of weeks of well-earned rest before I am sure we will be dragging them in here to help out with various other projects. This week though the news is not from the Luangwa, we are going to hop over the border and hear from the team at Pumulani; so over to them:

“It’s amazing how fast the season has gone by here in Malawi, and we are nearing the end of the dry season. It hasn’t rained since the beginning of March, it’s hot and dry, but it’s amazing how the indigenous trees have started budding before the rains have even fallen. The Baobabs have new leaves and have started flowering, almost as if they know when the rains will come.


The lake is extremely low at the moment, the lowest in a number of years, and has dropped at least 1.5 meters since March and will continue to drop until the rains start in northern Malawi. This has however extended our beach front and opened up some idyllic beaches along the Lake Malawi National Park, perfect to access with our Kayaks.

October has been busy with plenty of birthday celebrations as well as Paul and Sheenaaz’s wedding. The ceremony was small and intimate with close friends and family. It took place at our beach, the lunch table was decorated with items that represented Paul and Sheenaaz’s relationship.Its hard to think of a more idyllic or romantic place to have a wedding than at Pumulani.


















The guests from Zambia and Mkulumadzi arrive with exiting stories of wildlife sightings from their safaris. We have had a few of our own though!

The birding along the lakeshore has been spectacular with several nesting pairs of fish eagles along the shoreline. From the vantage point of our walking trails you get a glimpse inside these nests. We had several recent sightings of Spotted-necked Otters in front of the lodge, and a few glimpses of the hyenas that you so often hear, but do not see.


Giddy, Maggie and Watson, our chefs at Pumulani have received some great feedback from guests. Giddy is a master at sourcing fresh local produce. Loyce is busy as always with her crafts and started making handbags for our curio shop, they have proven to become very popular!

Our beach boys, Black, Binero and Gift have kept our guests busy with various activities. Gift has made the village walk his own, he was born in Kasankha village and knows just about everyone. The guests enjoy the insight into local Malawian culture, and get to experience a side of Malawi that they would not be able to experience elsewhere.

We’ve added a new activity to our list of options at Pumulani, stand up paddle boarding! With great amusement from fellow staff members, the beach boys had their first lesson and managed to master the boards within minutes.


Stand up paddle boarding gives the paddler a unique vantage point, by standing, you see more than on a kayak and the waters being crystal clear, you see all the cichlids bellow. For some, this might seem like a challenge, but the boards are very stable and will take a couple of attempts to master.

With summer arriving watersports are popular with our guests and it’s the perfect time of the year for snorkeling. The water is crystal clear and the variety of cichlids always amaze. A short 15 minute run with our speedboat take us to Thumbi West Island. Within the Lake Malawi National Park the cichlids are protected from over fishing and the island offers a number of sheltered bays for snorkeling.








We are into the final quarter of 2015 and we look forward to the emerald season, the bush comes alive and that great spectacle of Africa, a thunderstorm rolling across Lake Malawi.”

Thanks so much, as always it’s great to hear the news from the Lake and all the exciting activities that everyone is up to. So in an attempt to leave you in this lovely watery world rather than our somewhat dusty and arid Luangwa Valley – but who knows next time we chat maybe there will be a puddle or two on the ground. On that note have a fabulous week, laugh lots and look after each other.




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