It’s Monday 9th November 2015 and a little from all over

Well hello and here we are again! I hope that you are all well and having a simply fabulous time. Here in the Luangwa, temperatures continue to rise, the water continues to disappear and the animals continue to perform. A frantic radio call from the film camp blasted out across all the radios just a few days ago. All the filming team were out and the guys were sorting out the camp when:
“Please can someone come over here! We have 9 lions in the dinning room!”
That to us was a clear indication that the wildlife is certainly around!

Down here at Nkwali we recently had Isabelle and Jean-Claude LeGrand to visit. They are regular guests with us here in Zambia and always a joy to have around even if Kiki struggles with the French pronunciations! As they arrived with familiar faces and smiles it wasn’t long before they were whisked away on game drive by Kiki himself. Seeing more leopards than they could remember each as stunning as the next there were ample opportunity for some spectacular photos. However it was the more seldom photographed genet and white tailed mongoose that really stole the show and posed for the camera.


And as we are on the subject of wonderful photographs and regular guests, Kanwar Deep Juneja (some of you may remember and It’s Monday from him at the beginning of the year) was back and was taken out by Chris who managed to get some wonderful sightings for him, one of which turned into quite an epic stand-off between a leopard and a hyena!


The leopard after much time, patience and effort killed an impala and was getting ready for a snack when a hyena came up and stole it! So there they are, leopard frustrated and hungry, hyena making off with dinner, vultures hanging out waiting for an opportunity which never came, and zebras just chilling out somewhat undisturbed by events.


The poor leopard just followed along behind the hyena picking up the odd scrap that fell off and continued following into the night in the hopes that she would get lucky but sadly another hyena came along to join the party and finished off the impala. Note to self this is why leopards tend to take their kills up into trees as quickly as possible but sadly this kill had happened in a big open pan so poor planning all round.









So there you have it for this week another bunch of spectacular sightings with even more spectacular photos to go alongside them to which I shall not be able to follow with anything else except have a fabulous week and remember to keep on smiling.





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