Its Monday and time for the little ones

Well hello there – how are you all? Here things are going great guns and after a surprise but incredibly welcome 100mm of rain just over a week ago we are now enjoying the new flush of green that is covering every corner of the Luangwa. With it though comes some quite warm weather but on the up side is all the little creatures that pop out of the ground and all the new born that we have dashing around.


Until Thursday I hadn’t seen any baby impalas and was really moaning about the fact. Then as if they wanted to give everyone’s ears a break from being chewed off by yours truly there they are, loads of them around camp and even more in the park. Scampering around with their little wobbly legs looking all vulnerable and innocent. Between them and the wiglets (baby warthogs) I am not sure who wins the prize, but one thing is for sure is that the 5 that I had on my lawn at siesta time the other day were certainly trying very hard to cool down in a small watering hole that we have in the garden.

Other than that, well everything is covered with a delicate carpet of green sprigs as the grass manages to push through the hard baked soil and add a completely new dimension to the landscape. Along with all of this we also have the most incredible array of beetles that have come out to say hello. From the big to the very small the matt black to the shiny emerald it’s phenomenal to take the time and enjoy the variety of this one species. The cicadas have come out to play and as you drive through the cathedral Mopani they sing with their deafeningly high pitch which apparently for some people can make you speak with a lisp. As a result we all drive through chanting “sizzling sausages” but the noise from the cicadas is so loud that no one can hear any change to their speech but it’s worth a go.

On the slightly more slippery note we seem to have a few snakes around which range from interesting when you see one sticking out of the beak of a ground hornbill; to terrifying to when you see one sticking out the mouth of one of your cats! That is however the nature of things when living out here and must be accepted – to a certain point!








The camps have also been rather busy with guests, which is great and so lovely that we are able to share this transformation in the landscape with them. The only problem was that for a week after the rain the elephants just simply disappeared. They are back now and surprised as to why we are so happy to see them. As for the rest of the wildlife well as always we have had some amazing sightings of everything from the arrival of the Abdim’s Storks which is also one of our signals that the rains are on the way to 2 lovely large bull elephants fighting – the guests and Julius were so preoccupied by the bulls fighting that they didn’t see the cow and calf sneak up on them from behind and brush straight past the car.













As you can see it never stops over here.

But from this rather hot roasty toasty day I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell. Have a fabulous week with lots of laughter and remember to always look after each other.





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