Its Monday 14th December 2015 and relaxing in the Luangwa

Well hello there and here we are again, but this week there is definitely a slightly different feel in the air. The rains have claimed their arrival and the animals have breathed a sigh of relief that they have made it through the season and are now just chilling out enjoying themselves. Now when I say chilling out that doesn’t mean it’s nice and cool here – quite the opposite in fact. As a result of the heat we are seeing plenty of animals exposing themselves, shading themselves or just going all out and wallowing.


My front garden has proved once again rather conducive to some lovely sightings. A couple of very large elephant bulls strolling through – the first taking a large sip of water from the pool the second from a small watering hole that we have and then sprayed the water all over the place. Now when I say all over I mean it as flakes of mud hit the windows of the house, there was no need for me to think about watering the lawn as the entire garden was sprayed. Warthogs can be regularly found just enjoying the cool muddy waters under the trees as well, which is always a bonus.


Out in the park the guests have been treated to some lovely sightings of wild dogs, including a couple of very full and very sleepy ones just taking some time to digest. Hyenas, round and pregnant just trying to deal with the heat by wallowing in a lovely pool of rainwater. Lions (which appear to be everywhere at the moment) doing what lions do best and that is show off their round tummies as they try to cool down. Elephants happy and relaxed sleeping through the midday heat in the shade, using whatever slopes they can find as their makeshift bed so that it is easier for them to get up when the time comes. Then there is one thing, which absolutely everyone has in common – don’t you just hate it when the sun moves and what was nice and shady becomes sunny and you have to get up and re-position!


The other occupational hazard of this time of the year, which is something, that had never occurred to me until I witnessed it first-hand. Dung beetles spend all that time rolling their lovely little dung balls and then start the relocation process. I watched one carefully and meticulously pushing its ball along and then it hit an unexpected slope and the ball just got carried away with this thing called gravity and landed in a puddle. I mean shame I felt so sorry for the beetle and all its hard work, I could have sworn that the walk away was done with a certain amount of a grump.

Last week I mentioned the hunt for the Angola Pitta – unfortunately it drew a blank. No matter how much calling and persuading that came from the car the Pitta just wasn’t coming out to play. However the guests’ disappointment was short lived as round the corner Shannon and the team had set up a lovely cooked breakfast in way of a consolation prize.

What else? I am sure that there is heaps still going on that we need to chat about but for once, and this is a rare event, I am drawing a slight blank so I am going to leave you all to it and hope that you all have a fabulous week. Look after each other, laugh lots and just keep on smiling.





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