Its Monday 21 December 2015 and Christmas fever at Pumulani

Hello there so how are you all? I hope that the Christmas spirit is in full swing, the carols are on, the present shopping is almost finished and you are now getting yourself settled in for a lovely long weekend. This week we will hear from Charl at Pumulani. Over to you Charl..

“The year has gone by quickly at Pumulani, but its not done yet! Christmas and New Years is around the corner and we have planned some great activities to celebrate the festive season. Loyce took on the challenge of making us a baobab Christmas tree.


It seems as though everything here revolves around when the rains will arrive, we had a light rain at the end of November and nothing since. The lake levels are lowest in about 8 years, and all the plants and animals need the first downpour to kick-start the emerald season. This however means that our guests have had endless sunny days and great weather.










Black, Gift and Binero, our beach boys, have now mastered the skill of stand-up paddle boarding, much to the amusement of fellow staff members and local fisherman. They take great pride in teaching guests the skills involved.

Thanks to the kindness of our guests we have a supply of stationary to hand out to the children in the village for next term. Something simple as crayons, writing pads and pens make a big difference to these childrens educations. Pumulani supports 12 children at Nankwali Secoundary School, all of them received great results this year and we hope they will keep this up for next year.

We have taken on a number of community projects and with the assistance from guests we have started a small project to assist the albino children in our area. They have received very little support in past, but something as simple as sun screen makes a major difference in their lives. We will hopefully be getting a shipment of protective clothing and sunscreen soon. At the moment we are assisting 7 children in Cape Maclear, but will be expanding this in the near future.

Susannah whom has spent an amazing season in the South Luangwa, Nsefu has now joined us at Pumulani. From spending time in the bush listening to the sound of frogs, hippo and lions not to mention the occasional visit by elephant at the bar, she is now has the chance to experience the tranquility of Pumulani. She particularly enjoys the snorkling and kayacking in the crystal clear warters of the lake and the beach boys are looking forward to teach her to paddle board.









Its been a eventful 2015 for us, the team at Pumulani hope everyone has a great festive season, and the best of luck for 2016.”

Thanks Charl – and what a great job Loyce did on the Christmas tree! On that note well I am going to leave you all to it for this week and wish you all a very very very Merry Christmas I hope that you all have a simply fabulous time with plenty of festive cheer, laughter and smiles.





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