Its Monday 7th December 2015 and a trip to Kenya

Hello everyone I hope that you are all smashingly well and in full throws of Christmas preparation. Here in the Luangwa, well we have had a little bit more rain which has been lovely as the new green grass that was peeping out was starting to wilt somewhat so it has now perked up and the animals are looking a lot more jovial over their situation. The river however remains a small muddy trickle so we wait and see what happens there and when the water will start to come up.

This week however we are not going to be taking a safari in the Luangwa, we are heading to Kenya’s Masai Mara – I can see the quizzical looks on everyone’s faces and for good reason but I shall now tell you why. As a company we feel that it is important to expand the horizons of the team and to reward people for their hard work and over the last couple of years there has been one guide who has done so exceptionally well that we organized a trip to Kenya for him. At this point I would like to say that all of our guides do a fabulous job but sadly we can’t send everyone. Kanga was the guide in question and so with a feeling of excitement and worry Rob and I sent him off armed with a list of contacts and details of what he was doing and he was on his way. Arriving in Nairobi on the same day as the Pope however was a slight oversight as things were somewhat hectic at the airport and the person meeting him had been unable to make it due to the various security issues that were in place. So a small phone call from Kanga to Rob asking what to do, a quick little instruction and he was off and on his way.

He spent a night in Nairobi before getting a ride first thing in the morning on a Matatu (mini bus) all the way to the Mara. I believe that this was an adventure in its self, seeing some amazing scenery driving through Kenya on this epic 7 hour journey. Kanga’s biggest problem was that everyone he came across was slightly baffled that being an African he didn’t speak Swahili. Then, when he finally got to camp the team there really did think that he was a Masai as not only is he tall but also has a gap between his front teeth. It didn’t take them long to get him fully kitted out in all the correct attire.

The adventure to Kenya was not just a cultural change but also the wildlife. Seeing lots of cheetah and an entire hunt from start to finish was definitely a highlight. Kanga also saw Ostrich for the first time and added a further 39 birds to his list which he was very excited about.





There were a couple of other species of animals that we get here in the Luangwa but which he noticed differences about. First off the Eland – here they are so timid that you rarely get a glimpse but in the Mara they were more relaxed so they managed to get closer and realized just how huge they were but also that they make a clicking noise from their ankles when they walk. The next one was the male lions; Kanga’s comment “I have only ever seen manes like that in magazines – it was huge and long”. So this morning having sat down with a very excited Kanga I decided that we absolutely had to share his story with you all.


Huge thanks goes to Kicheche and Chameleon Tours who made this whole adventure possible with a special thanks to Greg the managing director and Dominique the manager who organized all the on ground logistics for Kanga.

So there you have it a safari from slightly further afield but an exciting trip all the same. Here our guests are busy out looking for the elusive Angola Pitta so we will see how that goes and keep you all posted next week.

In the meantime have a great time with plenty of smiles and laughter.



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