It’s Monday 25th January 2016 and the dogs take on all sizes!

Hello and happy Monday to you all. I hope you are all very well indeed and have had a fabulous weekend. And those of you in colder climes are keeping yourselves nice and wrapped up. So this week what news? Well we have had the Grassi family staying with us for a few days and Fred was in charge of showing off what was going on here in the Valley. In fact they saw so much that I don’t think that we are going to be able to fit it all into one Its Monday, but I tell you what lets see how we get on and take it from there.

The Grassi family arrived and with them they brought the rain. Now for most people when I say that you think “oh shame” but actually it’s a good thing. From the river being quite low they got to witness a gentle climb in the water levels. The clouds, sunsets and thunderstorms in themselves provided some beautiful scenery and resulted in some wonderful photographs.








Not to be deterred by the weather they simply went for it even as the occasional giraffe looked on with a slight quizzical gaze. Take a close look at this photo as you can even see the car in the giraffe’s eye!


Weather aside the game viewing was fabulous with sightings of everything from yawning leopards, lazy lions, sprightly zebras and happy elephants as everything felt the relief from the rain and quite simply took a more relaxed approach about life.


Well most animals were relaxing that is except of course the wild dogs!

So lets put you in the moment. Sitting in the game viewer on the main road watching a couple of lovely elephants going about their daily business of seeing just how much is possible to eat. Then Fred gets up and says, just take a look behind you. Everyone peered over their shoulders only to see a pack of 19 wild dogs just gently trotting down the road and pincer movement around and past the car then straight down the road towards the elephants. Needless to say the elephants became a little weary and nervous but the dogs soon left them alone and scooted off into the bushes. Fred then put on his tracking hat and found them a few minutes later this time having scaled down in size from elephants to buffalo. Hmm… still maybe a little big! And then it all got rather serious the fun and games ended the heads went down and proper hunting mode came into play. The guests sat and watched as the incredible sight just unfurled in front of their eyes and the pack hunted down an impala and within seconds the entire animal had been consumed.





They really are phenomenal creatures and wow what an incredible sighting to have of them.

So there you have it for this week we have managed to get a week’s safari into this week’s Its Monday. So I hope that this has whetted your appetites and who knows what will be on the cards for next week. Until then however have a fabulous time with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to always look after one another.





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