Its Monday 4th January 2016 and Kiki is going left right and centre!

Hello there and happy new year! I hope that you had a wonderful festive season.

Here in the Luangwa Kiki recently had a guest who was keen to go on a walk so it didn’t take much persuading for Kiki to grab his binoculars and get out there and well lets be honest with you – cause havoc!


Out in the wilds and in his element looking at everything from trees to birds it wasn’t long until they heard a leopard calling. The initial effort to find the caller was not particularly successful over the first half an hour as reacting to the call each time he heard it he seemed to be going around in circles first in one direction then in the next and before everyone got too dizzy so he took a moment and it dawned on him; its two leopards. Once the penny had dropped they parked the car in a shady spot having heard the latest call and sat quietly and the leopard actually came to them. Sitting their and not having to rush around they had a wonderful sighting of a big male leopard – success at last well there is only one way to deal with that – sundowners.


Enjoying a lovely drink at the end of the day Kiki was soon a little annoyed as another car was just driving straight towards them – all good news though as the guide came to give them a heads up that there was a second leopard walking straight towards them. Jumping back into the car, careful not to spill the sundowners they sat and waited and a lovely female leopard just strolled out of the bush and nonchalantly walked past them!








What a way to start a three day safari…. Day 2 well having hit the jackpot with 2 leopards in an afternoon Kiki decided to head out on an all day drive. Also having heard on the grapevine that a pack of wild dogs had been seen slightly further afield. And he was not disappointed as after morning tea it wasn’t long before they found the remains of a bushbuck but it was quite sunny so it was then time to have a look for some full fat and sleepy dogs relaxing in the shade and they did – 20 of them. The day was not over there with plenty of lovely sightings of plains game and elephants as well as more leopards one of which was seen dragging an impala kill away from the scene of the crime.








It would appear that things were getting better and better and Kiki was certainly having some great luck (and skill) so day 3 and the last full day well I mean why not make the most of it and head out on another picnic and look for the last big thing on the list which was lions. As Kiki said – he got a gold medal on this one– not only did he find lions but 2 separate prides.


So there he is nice a smug at the moment so I think that we will need to keep him in camp for a while and let the other guides take their turn in the spotlight.

On that note well I am going to leave you all to it for this week and wish you all the best for 2016. May it be everything you hoped for and more!




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