Its Monday 1 February 2016 and it’s muddy

Hello there everyone. How are you all?  I hope that you have all enjoyed another lovely weekend with lots of fun and relaxing.  Here in the Luangwa, well we are slowly wading our way out of an incredibly wet week!  Everywhere is waterlogged, the river is up, the animals have an abundance of waterholes to choose from; and the hippos are clinging to whichever part of slow moving water they can find as the river is pumping past us at quite a speed.


All of this water though has certainly not deterred any of our guides and guests from going out and having a fabulous time with equally lovely sightings.   In terms of the nitty gritty side of things, we have also been rather busy as we opened up Nsefu for River Journeys (big sigh of relief that the water levels came up). As Rob dashed up there the other day he managed to get this lovely photo of the bend in the river in front of camp.  Note that yes we have lost a little bit of bank but the photo also was done in panoramic so makes it looks potentially slightly more dramatic than it actually is.


Luangwa River Camp has also opened its doors for another season and this year Daudi is at the helm and is finding his way around this new project.  Asides from getting one of the cars horribly stuck as he took a “dry season” road he has done a fabulous job at getting camp up and running.  Whilst he has been in camp Yona has been showing off to the guests and his first guests were treated to 9 lions feeding on a very very fresh buffalo kill.  They think that the kill was made in the early hours of the morning and by the time that Yona got there the lions were still eating with great gusto and enthusiasm before slowly one by one peeling off and going to find a shady spot to rest and digest!








Not to be outdone by the camps opening up, Fred and the Nkwali team have been hard at it.  Chilumba had, I think, the sighting of the week as he watched a pack of wild dogs chasing a hyena.  The hyena was now in full panic mode, the “flight” instinct had kicked in and with no alternatives available and requiring an escape plan a hollowed out log seemed to be the top choice.  Yes you guessed it, this hyena ran head first into a hollowed out log and in it stayed for how long we don’t know as after an hour of watching the dogs taunting the log Chilumba decided to leave them alone to sort out their differences in private.







The same guests also had some lovely sightings of lion but these guys were doing what lions do best which was very little indeed and just trying to keep cool and dry as they took yet another nap!  Lets also not forget about a few lovely sundowners on the river which we are treated with at this time of the year as the atmospherics have all been thoroughly washed out of the sky and when the clouds clear we really do get some stunning sunsets.  So there you have it for this week I think.

Next week who knows what we will be regaling you all with, but I am sure that the teams will keep themselves suitably busy to be able to pass on lots of wonderful stories from the bush.  On that note I shall bid you all a very fond farewell with lots of fun and laughter to be had by all and hope that you have a fabulous week.









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